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5 myths of influencer marketing busted!

Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity within years. It has successfully created many marketing opportunities for big brands and startups. Brands are opting for this marketing form to tap into the right target audience. But even after knowing its importance, some myths are pulling these brands away from influencer marketing.

A lot of misconceptions are negatively affecting this marketing form and holding brands from investing in it. But, these myths need to be cleared out to help brands understand the importance of influencer marketing.

Here are the five myths about influencer marketing that you should definitely know!

✓ More Followers = Right Influencer

The marketing industry has been walking on a path where high popularity means a high level of influence. Number of followers defines the value of influencers. This is one of the myths that lets the brands tap into the wrong influencer niche. There are so many mega and celebrity influencers who have a low engagement rate in comparison to their followers.

Many nano and micro influencers are more educated in their niche and have a better engagement rate. It has also been found that these influencers have a more personalised relationship with their followers. Brands shouldn’t not only approach mega and celebrity influencers but nano and micro influencers too. It’s better to invest in someone with a high and effective influence rate rather than someone who has a negligible influence on the audience. 

Avoid falling into this trap and focus on finding the right influencer for your brand. 

✓ All the influencers are expensive!

It is the second myth that holds back brands from aligning influencer marketing with its other marketing strategies. We have always seen that marketing and advertising require a large amount of money. It’s the same with influencer marketing. Well, at least this is what most of us think.

Many mega and celebrity influencers charge a hefty amount from brands for collaboration. But there are many nano (1000 followers or less) and micro influencers (1K to 1 lakh followers) who are ready to collaborate in the exchange of free products from you. It solely depends on the kind of influencers you want to connect with for your campaign.

✓ Influencer marketing ROI is difficult to measure!

Before creating influencer marketing campaigns, many thoughts are built on measuring campaign performance. Brands are often seen using different tools to track the live campaign. However, they still think that one cannot measure ROI in influencer marketing. It’s a misconception that brands shouldn’t hold on to.

For proper ROI evaluation you need to get clarity on your campaign goals, type of social media platform, and influencer type. Social media channels and various online tools help in evaluating campaign performance. You can evaluate a mix of metrics and see if you received desired campaign results.

✓ Brands shouldn’t develop relationships with influencers!

Another myth about influencer marketing is not developing relationships with influencers. Approaching an influencer doesn’t mean connecting with them only for the purpose of brand promotion. Collaborations have become more about values and developing meaningful relationships.

Once you start working with influencers and provide value to them, they will also be ready to become a part of your future projects. Building a meaningful relationship also means investing in long term success. So, start forgetting about this myth and build a valuable collaboration with influencers.

✓ Managing influencer marketing campaigns is easy!

Some brands have experimented with influencer marketing and seen success. But, they have been surrounded by the myth that managing influencer marketing campaigns don’t require technical tools and algorithms. Yes, it is easy to run influencer marketing campaigns, but only when you have the tools that give you an accurate performance report.

We know you don’t want to fall into a trap of attracting the wrong audience. So, it is necessary to have a atleast some knowledge about the tools being used.

If you are unaware of such tools and platforms that help in accurately managing influencer marketing campaigns, then we are here for you!

We at Vavo Digital make sure you work with the right influencers while tracking your live campaigns with the right tools and metrics. We help you in getting influencers within your budget and make sure the impact is positive. Our easy to use platforms help in creating engaging content by partnering with nano and micro influencers.

These were some of the common myths about influencer marketing. Because of these misconceptions, it has become really important to educate everyone about influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is about creating values and opinions and building authentic relationships with influencers and the target audience. It isn’t about the myths that people talk about.

It is simply one of the most trusted marketing forms. Influencers are a reliable source to build brand awareness and credibility. If you target the right influencers, they can help you to generate new leads. You need to carefully study their engagement rate and the type of content they are creating. Also, analyse if their audience is happily engaging and connecting with them. After all, influencers can easily influence the buying decision of your target audience. 

Don’t limit yourself to specific influencers. Reach out to other influencers in your niche and connect with them if you think they are the right fit.

The right marketing strategy, content, and influencers can help you in acing influencer marketing campaigns.

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