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Hacks for using IPL to design solid Influencer marketing campaigns

The IPL season is back in the play, and Indians are all set for the thrill and excitement to cheer their favourite teams. Always been looked at as a sports festival, it is a hub of zeal and enthusiasm.

However, due to the pandemic, viewers are restricted to watch the matches on their television screens. So, how will brands leverage their marketing campaigns this IPL to attract their audience?

Social media has massively changed the nature of marketing. Due to COVID-19, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have given everyone a creative opportunity to create digital campaigns for driving audience engagement. Anyone with strong social media strategies can amplify their values and message in front of the consumers.

These social media channels have been acting as a stage that welcomes people across the world to showcase their talents. Some influencers have taken advantage of platforms like Instagram to bring an innovative change in the marketing industry through their influence.

Yes, we are talking about influencer marketing. A marketing form that is not only an effective promotional tactic but a great conversation starter too. 

If you are completely clueless about how to align influencer marketing with your campaigns, don’t worry! We will show how you can make use of IPL for influencer marketing campaigns.

✓ Launch of new products!

Through IPL, brands can reach out to wider demographics and not only the male target audience. It’s because every family in India watches IPL matches together, even if they are not a sports fan. Sounds fun, right?

Thus, businesses can grab this opportunity to launch their new products and services, creating a buzz amongst their key audiences. They can collaborate with influencers for the same and establish a valuable message to keep consumers constantly engaged with the idea of the new launch.

The reason behind launching new products is that throughout IPL, people are constantly viewing television or using their mobile phones to stay updated with the IPL news. It can help your brand in easily gaining attention. All you have to take care of is the timing of your promotion. Make sure it is in sync with the match timings.

✓ Generate twitter conversations with influencers!

We all love people who can make an impact and reinforce their voices in fewer words. No one wants to be looked at as a self-indulgent person. Well, the same applies to businesses too.

Quirky and engaging tweets are a great way to get your brand noticed in this IPL season. It’s a challenge to fit in your brand’s message in the character limit of 280.

Remember, not everyone can talk less and make an impact, but the right influencer can surely do!

✓ Go regional!

IPL represents different Indian cities that compete with each other. Through regional marketing, brands can explore all the corners of India, discovering new possibilities for their various campaigns.  

The idea is to connect with people at a personal level. And no one can do it better than nano and micro influencers. So, choose influencers from the cities that are being represented by the IPL teams. This way you can evoke different emotions through your campaigns that can make your audience relate with you.

Making use of regional local social media platforms along  with Instagram, Twitter,YouTube like Sharechat, Roposo, Moj to name a few, can play an important role in reaching out to audience I’m the tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

If you are stuck in selecting the right influencer, all you have to do is sign up to the Vavo dashboard to begin your influencer search and Voila!

✓ User-generated content!

If you feel you want to increase your campaign reach, user-generated content is something you shouldn’t miss!

Influencers are great at creating such content with their fresh and unique ideas. You can collaborate with influencers to create different user-generated content, for example,

• Ask them to create videos on reactions of the audience to particular moments like run out, massive sixes, etc.

  • Organise contests and quizzes related to IPL. 

This way your brand can appeal to the mass audience by generating high engagement. It’s time for you to build brand credibility and a more targeted messaging.

✓ Moment marketing is not fading away soon!

Brands can use this cost-effective strategy to create conversations and drive viral content.

As we mentioned, IPL is a great way to start a conversation. So believe us when we say, ‘no one can do it better than influencers.’ And using moment marketing with influencer marketing can surely give you the best results if used correctly.

Use influencers to reply to your tweets about live IPL moments and convert those TV moments into a brand engagement.

We all know that a great conversation leaves a lasting impression on every individual, helping in creating a behavioural or perception shift amongst the audience too.

These tips and tricks can help you in cracking influencer marketing campaigns.

But, apart from this, it is also important for brands to use tools and platforms that can simply ease the process of influencer marketing. We at Vavo Digital have always believed in doing the same. Get on board, and we will help you in crafting campaigns that have better brand attraction and digital effectiveness.

So, get ready to be in the race of strengthening the influencer marketing campaigns this IPL season.

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