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How to calculate your engagement rate?

In this digital era, building a social media strategy is not enough. Remember to monitor your social media metrics. These metrics give you a deeper insight into your brand strategies. In a world where everything is constantly changing, focusing on details is necessary. Today, if you cannot calculate the outcomes, then these plans and strategies are of no use. This is where the engagement rate comes into consideration. Engagement rate is used to measure the interaction level of followers on creators’ posts. Metrics such as likes, followers, comments, retweets, favourites, views, etc., helps in calculating the engagement rate.

Not only brands but influencers need to calculate engagement rate too. It helps in monitoring your content performance and relevancy. It helps in improving strategy and lets you know about the impact on your followers. Usually, the engagement rate is calculated as total engagement divided by total followers, multiplied by 100. However, there are five other methods to calculate the engagement rate to suit your objectives. Let’s know about them all!

1) Engagement rate by posts

It is calculated as total engagement on a post / total followers * 100. Engagement rate by posts helps to measure engagement on specific posts. This formula will work well for you if you want to calculate the result of a single post.

2) Daily engagement rate

The second method is the daily engagement rate. To calculate this, use the formula, total engagement in a day / total followers * 100.

Daily engagement rate helps you to know how often your followers are engaging with you daily. You can use it to measure this according to your needs too. It can also help you to measure daily likes, comments, shares, etc. All you need to do is calculate the total engagements as per your need.

3) Engagement by reach

Engagement by reach is measured as total engagement per post / reach per post * 100. It will help you to know how many people have been exposed to your content and interacted with it. You can use this formula to calculate the reach of single yet multiple posts.

4) Engagement rate by views

This formula helps in measuring the engagement on your video posts. You can monitor it by total engagement on a video post / total video views * 100.

5) Engagement rate by impressions

Impressions help you measure the number of people who have seen your content. It can be measured even if people haven’t engaged with your posts by liking or commenting on them.

It is calculated as total engagement on a post / total impressions * 100.

If we specifically talk about Instagram, one can even calculate the engagement rate using its insights. Instagram even allows creators to check their weekly and monthly insights. You can calculate it with the help of metrics like reach, comments, and likes. Instagram insights also let you know the demographics of your audience letting you to target them easily.

All these methods help in evaluating the effectiveness of your content strategy. The engagement rate gives you an accurate information on your content performance. Influencers need to calculate it because sometimes they are misjudged by others. For example, accounts with high followers have a low engagement rate and vice versa. It is a mindset that only people with high followers post engaging content. Thus, monitoring these engagement metrics will simply tell you if you are doing it right.

Studies have also shown that nano and micro influencers have a high engagement rate because of their personalised relationship with their followers. These metrics also give an idea about what content your followers are interested in. You can thus craft your content, messages, and other posts accordingly.

However, a good engagement rate varies by niche. If you are aware of it, you can use several ways to improve your engagement rate. Here are some ways!

• With the help of Instagram insights, you can know which time your audience is most active. Publishing your content at the best time increases the chances of a good engagement rate.

• Use a combination of hashtags while you create your content. Use different types of post formats like images, short videos, reels, etc. People always love getting exposed to new types of content.

• Engage with your audience as well as other related accounts. With this, you can generate new leads too.

• Focus on your content. To improve your engagement rate, look at which type of content has your audience engaged with more. This will give you an idea about what type of content ideas you should work on.

If you work on these points, there are higher chances to improve your engagement rate. Remember, a high engagement rate will also attract brands towards you. It can influence their decision on collaborating with you. You can even get a chance to work with some of the most amazing brands.

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