An influencer marketing platform that connects brands with 20+ categories of social media influencers across 3 social networking platforms in India.


In a market full of traditional agencies with sky-high retainers and a never ending loop connecting with influencers, relaying briefs and seeking approvals, VAVODigital has brought in revolutionized and automated strategies to help brands find and connect with influencers of their choice easily.

With an intention to revamp and streamline redundant processes of influencer marketing, we would like to announce the launch of our Brand Dashboard.

Available on the website, it is a brand’s dream come true. Just by simply registering, they can have access to genuine influencers spread over 3+ social media platforms and 14+ categories. It is a professional setup designed specially for the brands to be able to sift through the sea of content creators and find the ones who are a perfect fit for their ecosystem and amplify brand value to influence sales.

This one stop shop has multiple benefits and options to choose from, solely for the purpose of making a normally tedious task technologically easier, faster and efficient.

Once the brand is successfully logged in and registered on the dashboard, our kickstarter program will be activated. The kickstarter program is a free service, that enables the user to understand the dashboard in a much deeper sense, by being able to try it out first hand.

How to use the Dashboard?  We’ve got you covered!

STEP 1: Influencer Search, Sorting and Filtering

Full-text and semantic search across influencers biographies

  • Select the Influencer’s gender your product resonates with.
  • Define the follower strength and engagement you’re looking for.
  • Find relevant influencers among millions on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.
  • Shortlist the categories best suited for your brand.

STEP 2: Influencer Audience Analytics

Select influencers on the basis of your target audience’s gender, age, location & interests.

STEP 3: Get matched with the relevant influencers

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Analyze your filtered influencers with our AI powered tool, by checking their detailed profile, content, performance stats, historical data, and deep audience demographics.

Step 4: Access to detailed profile views

Text Box: Uncover influencers’ content statistics and learn every detail about their audiences.

Step 5: Create your Influencer Network

  • Invite, Bookmark or shortlist influencers to run a hassle free campaign.
  • Shortlist your favorite influencers into any number of lists
  • Share lists and influencer profiles by adding members from your team for free


Fill in the campaign objective and the type of influencers you’re looking for. Our team will reach out to you to start a campaign in no time.

Why you as a brand should consider VavoDigital?


Hassle free discovering, no dm-ing and mailing influencers with zero hopes of getting a reply, automated lists, effortless creation of campaigns and a marketplace that understands all your needs, by going beyond just vanity metrics such as follower counts, diving into the influencer’s social media performance, buying style and preferences to make informed decisions. We also provide in-depth post campaign analysis including CPE, CPM and overall engagement reports to determine exact ROI and conversion rates and drive maximum impact.

It is time to rise above the outdated measures of marketing and #CreateAReality for your own and indulge in a campaign making and executing experience like never before!

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