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How Indian Brands Are Rooting For Influencer Marketing In 2022

Influencer marketing employs well-known and specialised content creators to increase traffic, convey messaging to a brand’s target market, and raise brand awareness. Working with creators enables businesses to increase their reach across a variety of buyer profiles and pinpoint the audience they want to reach. In India, there are already over 2 million content creators spread across a wide range of industries, allowing businesses access to a substantial creator economy to tell their story.

Influencer marketing & Brands

Most Indian brands nowadays have some kind of social media relationship to the creative sector thanks to recent developments. Improved conversion touchpoints, client retention, brand loyalty, and trust-building for upcoming product launches benefit a variety of rands. 

Influencer marketing with producers that specialize in a certain area is not only an inexpensive way to engage with audiences, but it is also a powerful tool for building a large content library for future usage. Selling those data to new brands trying to break into this industry is another great way for brands to make a lot of money.

Influencers generate native advertising, a very successful form of content marketing, for social media. A recent survey found that 49% of consumers utilize recommendations from social media influencers to help them choose what to buy, making it a very desirable environment for marketers. Even media budgets are being set aside by brands to assist them in utilizing the best influencer-generated content to reach their target audience.

Here are our picks for top 5 Indian brands that have nailed influencer marketing campaigns:

1. Cred 

Cred is a young Indian business that aims to simplify life for people who use credit cards. The start-up, which is now in its growth stage, is supported by some of the most well-known venture capital firms in the world. They have recently started adopting a number of marketing tactics that have really aided it in gaining popularity.

Our Cred Campaign- 

We executed a “reward week” campaign with cred that spoke about the various offers and deals available on the app. The campaign was executed by macro finance influencers who talked about discounts and Cred’s offerings on the app.

2. upGrad 

UpGrad, India’s largest online higher education company, was founded in 2015 and offers courses in data science, technology, management, and law to students, working people, and businesses.

Our upGrad Campaign- A set of 3 new digital films were released by this edu-tech business as part of the #LifeLongLearning campaign, which celebrates the importance of many teachers in one’s life. 

Upgrad’s amplification partner for this campaign was Vavo Digital . We deployed LinkedIn macro influencers for the same and promoted their campaign by asking influencers to  tell their story relating to the video  through their post. These were heart touching stories that came through which made posts even more popular as the posts had personalised touch. Thus, made the campaign successful.

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3. KFC India 

KFC is a global chicken restaurant brand with a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. KFC tried out influencer marketing for the release of their new Double Down Burger. The brand worked with a handful of the top food bloggers in India to generate buzz. 

KFC’s Influencer Marketing Campaign– The bloggers asked their followers to guess the name of the burger in a simple post they uploaded with the title “The hidden burger” as part of the teaser campaign. The bloggers were given the opportunity to sample and evaluate the new double down burger after its unveiling.

4. Nykaa

Founded in 2012 by Falguni Nayar and with its headquarters in Mumbai, Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce business. Products for beauty, wellness, and fashion are sold on its websites, mobile apps, and in more than 100 physical stores.

Our Nykaa  Campaign- We collaborated with Nykaa to promote brand awareness of Tony Moly Brand Products. Focusing on Nano and Micro fashion & beauty influencers, we initiated them to make content that focused on the products’ USPs and their application portrayal.

5. Unacademy

Unacademy Platform is an online education platform that supports and facilitates the online creation of educational videos/or tutorials by the users who wish to be educators on Unacademy Platform. 

Our Unacademy Campaign- To inform the students about the NEET practise test in order to aid in their learning and to assess their aptitude. The influencers were asked to talk about the upcoming NEET test and how the Unacademy may help them study effectively and get better results. We hired influencers from a variety of fields, including lifestyle, gaming, technology, and medicine. Influencers described how to access the test and its advantages for them.

Influencer marketing – Future trends

Numerous opportunities will arise in the upcoming year for both seasoned and aspiring influencers and content creators. Long-term collaborations are the most important. More and more companies are discovering that influencer marketing offers an amazing return on investment. 

As a result, they are using influencer marketing more frequently, especially long-term alliances. They can create champions through long-term collaborations, which raises audience trust. In addition, regionalization of content will gain momentum over the following few years.

With a vibrant start-up ecosystem along with bigger brands also looking to reach their target audience, influencer marketing in India has a very bright future with a lot of room for companies to innovate and get in on the action.

Being one of the top influencer marketing agencies, Vavo Digital is aware of influencers’ enormous influence over their audience for brands in every sector. We assist you in forming partnerships with these influencers so that they may effectively communicate your brand’s message. 

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