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Father's day campaigns

5 Best Father’s Day Campaigns That You Must Know About

Fathers are like the pillars of our home who bear everything silently without expressing much. Hence this day. Though you can go and give your father a big tight hug any day, Father’s day is specially dedicated to our fathers who are silent cheerleaders and supporters. 

Their contributions are not understood until and unless you go and check it yourself. Hence we honor our fathers and fatherly figures who stood by us in heat and rain. 

This is a great opportunity for acclaimed brands to show off their creativity and create that human charisma through real-life ads. Television and social media hold an important place in our routines hence brands run campaigns that target fatherly love and bonding. 

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The sole goal is to influence the paternal bond through fun and heartwarming ad drives. This is one of the surest routes of marketing their creations at such events. Digitally India has seen remarkable growth in sales through digital ads nearly 30 percent and foresees to see better in the upcoming years. 

We are proud to declare that India surpasses nations like Russia, the USA, and China in the race for advertising market expansion. 

We list down here some of the best national and international Father’s Day campaigns you shouldn’t miss out on! 

  1. Hyundai 

Hyundai India shows how after a certain age children become parents and parents start to behave like kids. It depicts life as a journey where in the car a family with parents and kids. 

In old age, fathers like to take the side seat while the steering wheel goes into the hands of the elder son. The father in the ad depicts the wishes of childhood that reappear after adulthood. While the elder son takes a toll on him by scolding him like a fatherly figure that he needs to take care of his health first and avoid junk foods.

  1. Health Ok- #ExpresstheToughLove 

It’s easy to express in front of a mother but difficult to express love and grief in front of a father. This is because as fathers they are all expected to be strong, and unemotional.

Health Ok has tried to showcase those hidden love and conversations between a father and a son. The father is never happy by being angry at his son, so he questions himself why is it hard for him to express love and suppress anger. He misses those childhood days of his son when he used to come from the office and they both used to have fun together. But now everything has changed. The son thinks that his father doesn’t need him or love him like he used to. 

Health Ok has done a great job by vocalizing the voice of those silent fathers who want to express love for their children. 

  1. Jio Mart 

Jio Mart conveys the love and sayings of a father for his daughter even after he is not there physically with them. Rightly said, “for Dad’s love that continues to stay”.

We all ask silly questions to our dads as kids. But our dad never answers them with difficult terms but he says it as a kid can perceive. These things are cherished when he is gone. Therefore celebrate every fatherly figure you have in your life because they have held your hands even in the toughest wars. You don’t have to always say thank you to be thankful. Just show them through actions. Have gratitude. 

  1. Tesco 

Tesco as a household brand knows it is not always easy to show how much we care for our dads. So they took the initiative and took the help of their customers. All the children came in with their dads inside a mall unknown what was going to happen next. This is when an announcement is made for all the dads. The kids have left voice notes on how thankful they are to their dads for everything they have done. The dads go very very emotional. 

5. Pampers India- #ItTakes2

Pampers India has worked towards breaking the norm that taking care of a child at home is only the job of a mother. Hence the initiative #ItTakes2- A father’s promise to be as good a father as possible. The mother bears the pain of gestation and parturition. Hence the father also has to go sleepless nights and learn a lot of new gestures and techniques to keep the baby happy. 

Why is changing nappies only a mother’s job, when both the parents can do it? This heart-touching advertisement gives us the answers. It takes a lot to build a relationship with a child. A lot of hard work to raise it. Nobody is perfect. But with a constant effort from both father and mother, everything is possible. 


We hope you get close to your fathers and fatherly guides and give them a tight hug for all that they have done for you. Dads are expected to be serious but this doesn’t mean they don’t love gifts. Choose the perfect gift for your super Dad, from a variety of campaigns we shared with you. We expect you don’t miss out on expressing love this year! Let this year be your special year! 

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