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Why Social Influence Matters For Food And Beverage Brands

Stop watching food ASMR videos, they are not healthy! Stop worrying, it is just a myth. Let us guess you are a foodie reading our post today. Speaking of which, food and beverage brands need to sustain themselves since the competition is just raising the bar.

 Therefore, brands should take support from influencer marketing. Influencers for F&B brands are just like ketchup for french fries. Can you believe that about 7.38% of social media engagement directly comes from influencers for food and beverage brands? 

So if you are a similar brand, then you need to know how influencer marketing can prove to be a game changer for you. Let’s get into it!!!

Virtual Sharing Of Food Matters

That’s right. We all know that sharing is caring. When you share your food with your friends, family, and even strangers, it develops love. But today, the virtual sharing of food is equally important. It is profitable at the same time. 

Have you ever used the hashtag food porn (#foodporn)? If you are a food blogger or a person who loves sharing delicious foods on social media, then #foodporn is just a random hashtag that you have used frequently.

 Now, the reason to virtually share food with the world is to inspire them. You can even develop good ties with strangers by showing them your traditional foods. Also, you can explore unfamiliar cuisines while traveling and put them on your Instagram account. 

Today, Food ASMR videos are also popular and food critics are making decent money from their online content. 

Shake Hands With An Influencer Who Is A Foodie!

Well, it might not be hard for you to find a foodie influencer for collaborations. You can find a bunch of food bloggers, critics, and ASMR content creators in this particular niche. But there are other factors that you need to focus on while finding the right influencer for your food and beverage brand. Check them out below:

  • Are they passionate about food blogging?
  • How do they showcase different cuisines through their content?
  • Are they really honest with the food and beverage reviews?
  • Does their audience actually trust them?
  • How well they have been performing in this niche for the past years?

Find Top-Notch Influencers For Your F&B Brand

We present you Sehaye (AKA Say Hi) which is a mobile-friendly application from Vavo Digital. Basically, Sehayes introduces you to different niche influencers so that you can effectively collaborate with them.

 Are you a food and beverage brand? Worry not, since Sehaye will help you explore different options for food influencers easily!

Brands Cannot Resist Food Influencers For Promotions

We have seen several food and beverage brands that have gained impressive ROI through influencer marketing. Now what a perfect collaboration looks like?? We are going to explain this with a fine example of OREO. 

Yes, they are your favorite cookie producers that you are well familiar with. Oreo is on our list because they have relied on influencer marketing to give an edge to their marketing strategy. 

Credits: Buzz In Content

If you take a look at their social media handles, Oreo’s content is user-generated. Their content makes a deep connection with their audience. Plus their influencers make sure that they are fully conveying Oreo’s message through their script, body language, and the pre-existing trust among their audience. 

To Recapitulate

Food bloggers are smashing our social media today through their persuasive ASMR content, honest reviews, and passionate food blogging. Influencer marketing is crucial for food and beverage brands to help them break the barriers of language, culture, and traditional cuisines and reach a diversified audience. 

We are Vavo Digital, where we brainstorm unique ideas to make your food and beverage brand more cherished among the audience. You can have your audience buy and taste your product successfully through influencers when Vavo Digital is around. Don’t get stuck in doubt and ping us at

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