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How can brands make use of influencer marketing for Holi content promotion?

Since Holi is around the corner, there is already tremendous excitement. Many brands have started leveraging their creativity for the festival. But, this should not be it. Brands should also work around themes that give the essence of the festival to its audience. It’s because festival marketing humanises a brand and makes it look more authentic.

Holi is a festival of colours, love, togetherness, and new beginnings. There is no better way to promote this festival than influencer marketing. But, promoting content through influencers is challenging too. So, here are some tips on how brands can make use of influencers for Holi content promotion.

✓ Create an audience persona

Before creating any campaign, understand your audience. Building an audience persona will help in designing effective strategies for your campaigns.

Focus on minute details like characteristics, personality type, gender, age, profession, etc.

✓ Select the right influencer

Choose an influencer in your niche. The right influencer will understand and communicate well with your consumers. They can deliver your message correctly and help your brand to stand out in the crowd.

✓ Understand the meaning of the festival

Indians are emotional about their festivities as it gives them a chance to reunite with their friends and families. As a brand, you need to understand a deeper meaning of the festival. For example, Holi is a festival where people give food and gifts to their loved ones. It’s about the victory of good over evil.

It will allow you to craft engaging influencer marketing campaigns. Secondly, influencers can help you easily target your audience emotionally.

✓ Generating innovative ideas

At the time when the whole country is painted with vibrant colours, your ideas should be too. Go through the Holi marketing ideas by different brands from previous years and take inspiration . With smart use of influencers, you can create content that is engaging and unique to your brand.

Marketing has become all about innovation and creativity. You don’t want your audience to choose others over you. So generating fresh and innovative ideas should always be a priority. These ideas can either make or break your brand.

✓ Keep up with trends

One of the reasons why brands collaborate with influencers is trending content. Your audience is consuming such content from several places. So, why not attract them by creating campaigns around trending topics?

Study the influencers’ feed and see if they are constantly updated with the trends. After analysing it, try to blend your Holi content ideas with these trends.

People always trust influencers with trending content. Thus, collaborating with them will let you create the same.  

✓ Spread a positive yet strong message

Since Holi is all about appreciating good things in life, come up with a positive message through the campaign. Try to avoid using negative and harmful words.

We are still amidst a pandemic and Holi celebrations aren’t happening the same way. If you keep that in mind while putting out a campaign, you can garner more engagement as it is relatable and provides a sense of social responsibility. 

Let your audience know that you care for them and society as a whole. Being socially responsible will make consumers more supportive. This will not only create brand awareness but help you attract customers who share the same values as you.

Here are some tips on how you can invite more engagement to your campaigns this Holi!

Giveaways: Doing giveaways will help you build loyal relationships with your consumers and gain attention from your audience. Since people won’t be celebrating Holi like before, giveaways can cheer them up while they sit reminiscing the festive fun. 

Contests: Contests are a great way to get your target audience to interact with you. You can engage people in doing some fun activities. This will help in building brand credibility. 

You can collaborate with influencers to spread love and happiness through your campaign. Make your audience feel connected by diving deep into the festival insights.

Influencers have a powerful voice, and their followers listen to them. So, sending out a strong message is a great opportunity to create brand awareness too.

✓ Develop a meaningful relationship with your audience

Creating impressive influencer marketing campaigns is not enough. Brands should start developing a meaningful relationship with their audience. It’s because these relationships let people know that brands care for them.

Influencers have already built a loyal customer base. Thus, by promoting your content, they can help you in attracting a trusted audience too.

One of the brands was FBB. The brand came up with its campaign #BuraNaKhelo Holi Hai! It featured Mithila Palkar who is a young age actress and influencer. Through this campaign, the brand wanted to bring out the true feelings of women during Holi. They wanted to convey that this festival is not a way to make women feel unsafe. This campaign was executed on digital platforms. It ensured to create awareness about it with the help of several other influencers too. In the end, they wanted to let people make Holi a playful and safe festival for women.

Collaborating with influencers helps in generating a tremendous hype amongst the audience. Influencer marketing always has a great impact on everyone. Brands are shifting their focus on influencers because they are well aware of the benefits of connecting with them.

We at Vavo Digital understand the frequently changing marketing trends and a rise in influencer marketing. We will help you create Holi campaigns by connecting you with the right influencers. From nano to micro influencers,you can collaborate with influencers that really matter. 

So if you haven’t yet thought something about a campaign for Holi, then don’t worry! We are here for you. Be a part of our community and increase your brand visibility by working with some of the best creators. It’s your chance to win your audience and their trust.

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