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How can brands use Mother’s Day for their campaigns.

Mother’s day has become one of the most celebrated occasions to honor motherhood and the influence of mothers in society. Families celebrate this day by gifting special things, singing songs, and going the extra mile to spread happiness around every mom.

However, it’s not only the families but even brands look forward to this special day.

Why? Because brands have no longer think about just promoting products and services. They want to build an emotional connection with their audience, have a personalised relationship with them, and humanise themselves.

With the growing tensions amidst the pandemic, people are getting involved more with the brands that choose to spread love and joy around them.

Like last year, we are forced to stay indoors. But, this shouldn’t stop brands from doing the wonderful work they have been doing since years. Instead, they can become more sensitive towards this situation and amplify their Mother’s day campaign by evoking the feeling of joy and excitement.

But how can brands embark on crafting a successful Mother’s Day campaign?

Here are some tips that they should keep in mind for their Mother’s Day campaign!

✓ Prioritise emotions!

Because of the COVID-19, most of us are finding ways to keep ourselves positive in this tough situation. So, brands that will stir up such emotions are going to win hearts for sure.

For example, you can evoke emotions like happiness, excitement, hope, inspiration, etc. through your content. Make sure it is authentic and real. 

As said, don’t focus on your brand but the audience.

✓ Create a trending hashtag!

Even though we have seen different forms of marketing evolve, hashtags still have their old essence. A well-thought hashtag will not only give you a greater reach but even let your audience explore different content curated under one theme.

Now, for Mother’s Day, brands can start a conversation around hashtags like #CelebratingMotherhood. They can create different forms of content like static posts, videos, AR filers, etc.

This can bring engagement and help in expanding your audience base. 

✓ Celebrate all moms!

Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the moms around the world. Be it biological moms, stepmoms, foster moms, pet moms, or to-be moms. While you create your campaigns, make sure to consider this and deep dive into it. Afterall, it’s all about embracing motherhood.

For example, brands can talk about the different problems moms go through without complaining about the same. As a token of appreciation, they can ask their audience to create a short ”Thank you video” for their moms.

When brands take care of the minutest details, it makes them stand out in the crowd.

✓ Collaborate with Influencers!

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. To put it simply, influencers have the power to influence your audience positively. A brand endorsed by an influencer is more likely to be preferred by the consumers because of the trust factor placed in the influencers.

You might be wondering how brands can make use of influencers for Mother’s day. Well, we’ve got you covered for this as well!

Here are some ideas that brands can incorporate while crafting influencer marketing campaigns!

• For this special day, ask influencers to play around themes like love, care, belongingness.

• Influencers can create reels with their moms that talk about their funny moments. For example, the reel can include certain moments that the duo has shared. If they have shared a particular moment, they can do a thumbs up and reminisce about the moment. If no, they can simply do a thumbs down.

• Second, they can send virtual hugs and kisses to their moms. Because of the pandemic, many parents are distant from their children. Through such videos, let the moms know that they are not alone.

• Third, brands can ask influencers to select a colour that best describes their mom. For example, Red is for love and sincerity, pink for tenderness, yellow for sunshine and optimism, white for peace and innocence, etc.

For this, influencers can create a video and make a splash with the colour that perfectly describes their mom.

• Fourth, influencers can create ”who is most likely to” videos. Although the concept is old, it still carries similar fun and charm as before.

For all the above-mentioned ideas, brands can ask influencers to tell their audience to create similar videos. This can create high engagement and get people involved in some fun activities. Moreover, with these engaging activities, brands can also expect more traffic to their website or social media handles.

Apart from this, make sure to collaborate with nano and micro-influencers. Why? Because these influencers have trusted followers, curate authentic content, and have a good reach.

If you think you are stuck with the campaign ideas for the same, then get stress free! We at Vavo Digital are here to help brands to craft exciting Mother’s Day campaigns and connect them with the right influencers. 

So, get ready to create engaging campaigns and fill your audience with zeal and enthusiasm.

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