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How can Quora help in boosting your business?

Has it ever happened to you that you have been finding some answers on Google, but you ended up on Quora?

You might have or still might have not! But the people who do end up reading some answers on Quora may wonder why people use this platform.

Let us answer this question for you.

Quora is a question and answer platform where users from different countries answer similar questions. It does not limit its users with words. Instead, it allows them to provide detailed answers to other Quora users.

Moreover, it lets you ask questions on various topics and provide helpful  information to all the interested people.

Now, you may think that people can find solutions on the internet through different resources. So, what is so special about Quora?  

Well, most of the time, it happens that these resources fail to provide the exact valuable and quality information to the consumers. And that’s when people land on Quora. This platform focuses on providing high quality and very specific questions and answers to its users. It allows people to share their knowledge and real life experience with others.

However, it is not only limited to individuals. Even businesses can use this platform to communicate with their audience as Quora has millions of active users.

Let’s understand in detail how Quora can be helpful for your businesses!

• Whenever your consumers post about a query, you can instantly respond to them. And this time, you can give them an in-depth solution to solve their problem easily.

• By providing quality and valuable answers to the users, you may end up building a meaningful relationship with your potential customers. Remember, better customer relationships help in building trust.

• Since there is a huge range of topics that could be discussed on Quora, you can choose to answer questions that relate to your business. For example, if you have knowledge about  fashion, you can answer all fashion and lifestyle related questions. It will help in generating leads for your business and  build brand authority.

• Sharing valuable and informative content can help in building brand awareness. And might also help in driving traffic to your website by back-linking your site to your answers.

• Lastly, if businesses leverage this platform effectively, it can even improve the online brand image in the eyes of the consumers.

But, before you proceed further to gain these benefits, there are some tips that you should keep in mind while using Quora!

✓ Provide valuable content!

Quora is all about providing value to its users by sharing some insightful answers. So, create your content addressing specific problems and providing insights, sharing experiences & solutions. Make sure it provides quality and benefit to everyone who is reading your content piece.

✓ Refrain your brand to promote itself on Quora!

Talk about your business subtly. Do not attempt to directly promote your products and services. It’s because your consumers are here to gain knowledge about particular topics and not to buy your stuff.

✓ Make use of videos and images!

Quora is not only about answering through texts. Make use of images and videos to attract users to read your answer. To put it simply, people love to gain knowledge through different content formats if they are providing accurate information.

✓ Link your website or social media account!

If you want to attract consumers to your business, you can link your social media account, blogs, or website with the Quora answers. This will not only drive traffic to your business but also help in boosting sales.

✓ Follow people with similar interests!

Keep sharing your knowledge with people with the same interests. If they find you trustworthy and credible, they may discover your business soon.

✓ Evaluate your competitors!

Keep an eye on your competitors. Analyse the kind of answers they are creating while replying  to the Quora users. Study what is working best for them and adapt those methodologies. Observe what hasn’t worked well and try to learn from it.These practices have proven to be very useful for businesses who want to align Quora with their promotional tactics.

However, this doesn’t end here! There are quite a few more essential things that you need to know while using Quora.

Since Quora focuses on quality, it allows users to upvote their favourite answers. Upvoting an answer simply means that it is accurate and informative. Whereas downvoting an answer means you are not satisfied with a particular answer. It means the information lacks quality and value.

You may be wondering how it helps Quora with maintaining the quality and accuracy. Well, the number of upvotes and downvotes on a particular response will affect its visibility.

More number of upvotes mean your answer will be top in the response list because users find it valid. However, the total number of downvotes will drop your answers reach.

So, make sure your answers are accurate and provide some value to the users. Don’t just post them for the sake of it.

If you are someone who enjoys subtly marketing their business, then you must definitely consider Quora. It is one of the most effective tools to find and share information with others.

It’s time to creatively talk about your brand and let your consumers reach you through the answers you provide to them.

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