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How to establish your Brand on Linkedin?

Are you a freelancer who loves to show your creativity? Or are you an expert marketing professional who wishes to get recognized for your work? Everyone in this world today wants to be known for something. Some want to be known for being successful entrepreneurs and some want to be known for being influential personalities. Well, the answer varies!  And all of this is possible through personal branding. 

Personal Branding is simply promoting yourself or your business in a way you want the world to see you. It’s about making your first impression and is not just limited to brands. 

Everyone is trying to build a personal brand, it’s not just the top-notch well-established industry leaders but also students, freelancers, hustlers, and startup founders. 

Other than the basic benefits of Linkedin like networking, looking for job opportunities, building business leads, etc. nowadays people are keener towards building their personal brand on Linkedin. Linkedin marketing is one of the best ways to build your community around the people that belong to your niche. This will not only help you derive traffic on your page but also grow your business and drive action for your brand. 

Here are a few ways to build your personal brand on Linkedin: 

  1. Share content that attracts your followers and Increases Awareness of your brand:

Linkedin as a platform is not just to grow your professional network and growth but it is also used to share information and provide knowledge to your followers. People love sharing what they feel not only on Twitter but on Linkedin as well, they can share their thoughts and opinions about the upcoming trends, latest updates, etc which will provide knowledge to make people look for more such content. 

Posting content that will educate people about things they are unlikely to hear otherwise creates a differentiating factor in your content and also plays an important role in increasing respect within your network. 

  1. Share posts of other famous people on Linkedin which are relevant to your profile:

Sharing content that is posted by other influencers is one of the best ways to leverage yourself on the platform. It is not always necessary to post your own content. Your main aim should be to post great content, sharing the content that is posted by someone else that also leads to helping you grow on the platform can never be a bad idea. 

  1. Be a generalist

Linkedin is a platform where everyone is trying to show their specializations, show what they’re good at, etc. Of course, the platform was made to show what you are good at, but for building your personal brand, you need to be more generic towards what you post, posting natural content, and show the true side of yourself. This will help people connect with you and helps you build your personal brand.

  1. Start telling stories to your audience

Yes, you might not be aware but there are millions of people who are waiting to listen to you, sharing your personal stories will make people relate to you more and this will also give it a human touch. Moreover, it is easier and better to tell your own story rather than creating a post. 

Most often people hesitate before posting their failure stories on LinkedIn. Posting about failures on LinkedIn can increase engagement and depict a strong personality based on constant learning.

  1. Make sure you make use of articles 

While it is important to post consistently on Linkedin, people continue to post but do not leverage the power of articles on their posts. Studies have shown that if a person posts articles on Linkedin they are more likely to attract people from upper-level management and increases your possibility to build your personal brand on Linkedin. 

Though it might be difficult to increase your visibility through posts, it is much easier to build your personal brand on Linkedin through articles.

Apply these generic tips while building your personal brand on Linkedin and see yourself grow to a great extent. 

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