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Photo Editing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know!

Have you ever come across a picture that might have had your attention for a pretty long time? We are sure you might have! One surely needs to be very clever while they make any image attractive to their audience! 

Thus, keeping up with photo editing trends is extremely important. So, here we are sharing with you 7 photo editing trends that will help you easily retain your audiences’ attention. 

1) Black & White Photos

Ahh., the classic! Who doesn’t love black & white pictures? They have their own charm and appear to place the focus on the object perfectly. Besides, black & white images allow photographers and editors to explore the primary elements of composition, texture, and form.

Undoubtedly, this trend has been there since forever. However, recently, it has gained immense popularity. And we have seen a couple of brands and creators using black & white pictures in their feed.

They either combine it with different colour combinations or keep it simple with black & white.

There are multiple photo editing apps with a wide range of black & white presets. The trick is to use the correct one! Marketers can experiment with different feed compositions using free visual planning tools like Later’s Visual Instagram Planner. How is this tool helpful? It will show you exactly what your feed will look like, and voila!

2) Text Overlays

Before we move further, let us tell you the meaning of text overlay. To put it simply, it provides marketers with the ability to impose text elements over an image or a video. The text overlay elements can vary in size, font, and colour. So you can choose the one that best suits the image or a video!

Text overlays can help you visually tell a story or pass a piece of crucial information to your audience. Believe it or not, it makes the communication process easier & has proven to be one of the best engagement techniques.

Look at how this image clearly shows the right use of text overlay! 

Further, you can even use tools like Canva. This app is being widely used by numerous people & allows you to play with the font, size, design, and colour elements of text in a fun & creative way.

3) In-feed colour blocking

Have you ever come across a feed with a consistent colour palette? It instantly catches one’s attention. Don’t you agree with us?

Did this feed attract you? Well, we don’t know about you, but we surely found it appealing! 😀

One of the reasons most marketers go ahead with this trend is that a consistent colour theme makes a brand or a creator look professional. Moreover, it even helps in building brand awareness and increasing engagement. Further, it even strengthens your identity.

And this is what we call in-feed colour blocking. It can be achieved by using harmonious tones alongside one another or by having a strict colour theme.

4) The natural beauty portrait

Once in our life, we all might have come across beauty brands and influencers endorsing beauty products with their perfect portraits. But do the audience really resonate with such brands and influencers? The answer simply is a No!

Gone are the days when people used to be in awe of such beautiful portraits. Many brands are coming forward to celebrate the trend of authenticity, showing the natural & real look of the models.

For example, Gillette Venus took everyone by surprise with its #MyHairMyWay campaign. The campaign was specifically focused on sharing retouched images of women that showed stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. The reason behind it was simple. When someone looks forward to buying skincare or skin treatment products, they are not willing to look up to influencers with perfect skin. But someone who has been through a similar journey!

5) The No-Edit Trend

As we mentioned in the previous point, the trend of authenticity has gained massive attention from the audience. Hence, there is no doubt the No-Edit style has captured everyone’s mind!

If you are aiming to connect with your target audience and build a strong rapport, go for minimalistic images. Go for subtle edits like contrast, brightness & colour corrections while keeping the natural tone of an image.

Whether it is creating content or editing pictures, minimalism has always worked well for every marketer! However, if you haven’t yet taken this approach, it is not too late to hop on this trend. 😀

6) Vintage Edits

Looking for a touch of nostalgia on your pictures? Damn, then there is nothing better than the vintage edits!

For this, you can use the Heavy Grain Filters by turning on the grain setting in photo editing apps like VSCO, Lightroom, or Over. Oh, and did we say that these apps are available for both iOS and Android?

Believe us, this grainy texture will take you back in the times of Kodak print. And there you will be – reminiscing all the nostalgic times!

7) The Monochrome Edits

What’s better than using a colour that perfectly describes your brand?

The monochrome colour scheme not only makes your feed look cohesive but even helps the audience to associate your brand with a specific emotion. Yes, you read it absolutely right.

Different colours evoke different emotions. For example, red is for passion, orange for playful, yellow for happiness, and blue for serenity.

Following a consistent monochrome colour scheme will make the editing easier and create a clean & visually appealing look.

Aesthetics are really important if you want to grab your audiences’ attention and generate higher engagement. And we all know that aesthetically pleasing pictures never disappoint anyone!

So, are you all set to create those eye-catching images? If yes, then begin editing pictures and creating content sticking to these trends! Because if you enjoy this process, then your audience will too!

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