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Influencer Marketing Campaigns

7 Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Should Try 

In the realm of marketing, the power of influencers cannot be underestimated. Influencer marketing is a potent tool that can uplift brand conversions, enhance visibility, and drive sales growth. As this industry burgeons, new technologies and techniques are continuously shaping the way brands identify, onboard, and measure their influencer partnerships. 

With an array of tools available, brands can now create a plethora of influencer marketing campaigns in record time. The only decision that remains is to determine which of these campaigns will propel brands toward their objectives. So, here we present seven killer types of influencer marketing campaigns that you can’t afford to miss out on.

  1. Sponsored Posts 

Picture this: you’re scrolling through Instagram, and you stumble upon a post by your favorite influencer. The post is about a new product they’re raving about, and they mention that they were paid by the brand to promote it. That’s a sponsored post in action! 

Essentially, sponsored posts are a type of influencer marketing campaign where brands pay influencers to create and share promotional content about their products on social media platforms. The key is for both the influencer and the brand to be transparent about the partnership so consumers know they’re seeing paid content.

Here’s an example of a sponsored post by Selena Gomez

  1. Product Seeding & Unboxing 

Influencers receive products as a freebie from brands for this type of influencer marketing campaign. The influencers can then create unboxing or review content that showcases their authentic reactions to the products. Unboxing content involves the influencers opening brand packages and sharing their first impressions with their audience. 

Reviews, on the other hand, require influencers to use the product or service first before giving a thorough and honest analysis. This influencer marketing campaign can result in more comprehensive feedback on the product or service, making it ideal for more extensive long-form content such as blog posts or videos.

  1. Giveaway Campaign

Brands seeking to ramp up their social media engagement rates can’t go wrong with contests and giveaways. With this type of influencer campaign, brands supply influencers with complimentary products or services to bestow upon a few fortunate followers. 

Typically, influencers announce the giveaway in sponsored posts and outline how their audience can get in on the action, which may involve liking a post or sharing it on their feed. These influencer marketing campaigns can pay off big time, as they not only expose the brand to the influencer’s followers but also bring new eyes to the brand through the influencer’s audience.

Sehaye helps you shorten the gap between interested brands and influencers. It lets brands choose from a wide range of content creators and discuss the costs of putting and sharing content. You can also get reports after a campaign on the same platform.

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

By incorporating affiliate campaigns into your influencer marketing strategy, you can amplify your e-commerce sales to great heights. In this type of campaign, social media influencers provide their followers with an exclusive discount code for a brand’s products or services, enticing consumers to purchase. 

For each successful conversion resulting from their promotional efforts, influencers earn a commission. This kind of influencer marketing campaign offers a measurable return on investment, with related sales as an indicator of success.

Here’s an example of a giveaway campaign by Sugar Cosmetics:

  1. Product Collaboration 

Influencer collaborations are the ultimate fusion of an influencer’s creativity and your brand’s vision. These marketing partnerships can take on many forms but usually involve inviting influencers to design or create content featuring your brand’s products or a limited edition of them.

By collaborating with well-known influencers who are experts in the industry, brands can tap into their unique perspectives and put a fresh spin on their products. Influencers bring their own style and personality to the table, creating a product line that is highly sought after by their followers who aspire to emulate their lifestyle. This allows brands to leverage the influencer’s popularity and personal brand to elevate awareness and drive sales for their products. 

  1. Seasonal Campaigns 

Influencer marketing campaigns that revolve around seasons capitalize on the excitement surrounding holidays and special occasions to promote relevant, themed content that resonates with people’s shopping preferences during that particular time. 

Brands can align their influencer campaigns with numerous popular events such as back-to-school, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and many more, tapping into the season’s spirit to drive greater engagement and conversions.

  1. Brand Ambassador 

A brand ambassador campaign is a dynamic and long-term collaboration between a brand and an influencer. Rather than a brief and sporadic promotion, the influencer becomes a passionate brand advocate who consistently posts across their channels to promote the brand. 

These brand ambassadors tailor their content to align with your brand’s objectives and values, resulting in a consistent and authentic representation of your brand to their followers.

However, after selecting the best-fit campaign for your brand, then now it’s time to pick the right influencer for your brand, and if you do not know how to, so read this, 7 Important Factors To Consider To Pick The Right Instagram Influencers For Your Brand


Now, you know all – seven types of influencer marketing campaigns are at your fingertips. You can leverage each and any of them according to your brand’s values. 

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