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Brand Storytelling

Storytelling: How Influencers Bring Your Brand to Life 

Our lives revolve around stories. We all have albums and seasons. It is just that we remember the best and the worst ones and tend to forget the usual days. 

Be it a nursery grade kid or Shakespeare novel lovers, everything is an act and we are witnessing the characters play their roles. 

Do you know why we see stories? 

Stories inspire us, they have simple meanings, and real-life-like characters that can have a deep impact on our minds. This is why stories are beautiful and impactful. 

It’s high time that big brand marketers started to use this formula of selling their services through storytelling. Morals we memorized from the stories of A rabbit and the tortoise can never be erased from our minds. 

The S in Storytelling stands for Sharing. We share each other’s stories that’s how we become a community. Small communities become large when they have something in common between them. 

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Why Choose Great Storytelling Techniques to bring back the lost interest in your audience? 

1. Storytelling Cultivates Connection 

Popular speaker Lisa Bu in her speech at TED Talk addresses the magical powers of storytelling. It is a common weapon with different levels. Without stories, we would never be able to evolve. Therefore stories should be the part and parcel of every marketing agency.

Have you ever seen people gossiping at a tea shop? Or the aunts in your neighborhood talking to each other at a vegetable shop? They always have a story to say. Nothing is simple. It all starts with a curiosity to know the end. This is what marketing demands. Curiosity to know the brand. 

Storytellers learn to manipulate human behavior. They are pleasing and invited by their readers. It is a psychological game that should be run to promote your brand in the best way. 

Fictitious characters are acceptable but are fictitious goals possible? No, especially if you are running a business. Build stories based on real-life struggles and let the people get connected to you based on your honesty. There should be a foundation of trust. 

2. Storytelling Means Unique Narration 

Do you like to read documentaries or watch them narrated by a storyteller? I believe the second one. Listening and watching simultaneously have a greater impact on our minds. We will remember the scene longer and try to contemplate the scenarios in real life.  

That is how brand marketing can be made convenient by telling people stories relating to them. In This manner, you are cutting the crap for your consumer to select your brand over a junk pile of emails already resting unread in their inbox. 

Authenticity should be the backbone because you can cheat once or twice but not every time. Storytelling mixed with pure facts benefits the brand in the long run. You can also hire faces from the public who have used the product or service in real life and would like to review it for others. 

Source: PerfettIndia

For instance, Happydent, The Bright Palace Ad shown by bright teeth used as lights everywhere is one of the most unique narration ads one can ever think of for a chewing gum product. 

Micro-Influencers have a good hold on the views of their audience because they understand the requirements by keeping in touch regularly. You can portray their stories with music, fun, and drama. Short web series advertisements if done by people’s favorite artists bring good business. 

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3. Storytelling is Long Lasting 

Source: Lifebuoy

Great anecdotes leave a long-lasting imprint on people’s lives. Don’t you still remember advertisement songs from the 90s eras that used to run on television? They had actors clad as common people to make the message more impactful. 

You can never underestimate the power of good stories. They can change the way you look at the world. Inspirational shorts or lines said by famous people, stories of success from scratch, or anything. It can make people emotional and feel connected. 

Make people laugh with funny incidents or cry over sad news, your motive should be to keep your audience loyal to your brand. Remember how Maggi has become the National Name for all types of noodles? Every household has Maggi today. 

At the end of the day, it is a good story that lasts an eternity. You cannot ignore that for luxury looks. 


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