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7 Ways To Win A B2C Marketing On LinkedIn 

Are you being a loyal brand marketer? Are you working on LinkedIn for your brand’s presence? 

If the answer to the above questions is no, then  don’t worry guys, we are here to make it easy for you. But before that, you have to believe in the fact that LinkedIn is one of the most influential platforms for both B2C marketing and B2B marketing on the globe today. It is no more just a job-searching platform for the unemployed or freelancers. There is much more value added to it. LinkedIn is the forever professional platform to increase the scope of network with the like-minded people (people of similar interest & zone).

Brand marketing is rampant and successful on LinkedIn if done properly. According to research data, it is said that 61 million people on LinkedIn are senior-level influencers with 41 million people being in decision-making positions. This makes LinkedIn the prime spot for engagements, opportunities, and brand marketing. 

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The bottom line is if you are not on LinkedIn, then you are missing a major chunk of your pie. LinkedIn is seen as a major startup for new and even old brands that want to establish themselves in the long run. 

Here are 7 solid ways to win the B2C marketing on LinkedIn. 

Stay connected till the end. Let’s begin: 

1. Create a professional profile page for you

Having a professional brand page isn’t enough when you are represented with a poor LinkedIn page. You should work on your LinkedIn profile and include the relevant data related to your past experiences, present job profiles, prospects, and establishments. 

LinkedIn profiles are taken very seriously by corporate people because of their authenticity. So go for a good one for yourself as well as for those working under the head. 

2. Work on the company’s Business Page 

Source : Hootsuite

You cannot move even a bit without a company business page on LinkedIn. Keep it picture-perfect and explainable. Having clear aims, objectives, and the establishment of the company is needed. 

You can also include your recent customer feedback to add authenticity to your claims. Keep it short. 

Make sure that the data on the company’s business page is authentic and checked before uploading. Sometimes even a small mistake can cost you enough. 

3. A Company Website is a Must 

Source: LinkedIn 

LinkedIn business profiles are a short answer to your company’s complete history. It is just the gist. A website is a prime requirement. Your website can ideally include a page for blogs. 

Blogs can be related to your ideas and thoughts or help the readers in solving some problems. WordPress is one best sites for such purposes. 

The link to your website must be attached to the LinkedIn page and the redirection should be down within seconds. 

4. Socialise for your Brand 

Business without socializing is like playing cricket inside the home. You have to go out get players and start making a team. Interested followers will help you increase engagement on your product organically. This is why influencers with a high number of followers are hired. 

Sehaye is one such platform to intensify your brand relations with the targeted audience through influencers. They reduce the task of communicating with a lot of influencers. This website is meant for brand makers and influencers who can choose according to their preferences. 

5. Post Job Opportunities 

Naturally, you must be getting vacancies in your job positions. So why not choose employees on LinkedIn? LinkedIn encourages youth and professional employees to choose from a wide range of job opportunities. 

The options available are innumerable. 

A well-to-do LinkedIn business page is very welcoming for people searching for a job or internship. Do not boast but be realistic about the job expectations they must have initially. 

6. Tag the Influencers in your Brand Posts 

Tags are a new way of letting people know that they matter to you. If you are working with an influencer, they must be tagged therein. But also in case you are sharing memes, posts, or video content where other relevant influencers should be tagged, go for it. 

It makes you appear in their news feed. If your content goes viral, you may also receive brand collaboration from bigger firms and influencers. 

7. Use Legit Hashtags That Are Trending In Nature

As a B2C firm, people must discover you through their search button. Your corporation name should appear on their recommended pages. Here is where hashtags have to play a role. Keep the hashtags real and related to your firm or post. Only then people will take the time to visit it. 

For instance, for the fashion industry, 

  • #fashion
  • If it is the Lakme product then #lakmeproducts. Share the hashtag as per the product name similar to Lakme’s example.
  • #ootd
  • #fashionhacks

These are some of the hashtags one can use! While hashtags can be useful but overusing them makes your post irrelevant. You may appear on several pages but not on the right one. Focus on terms that make sense with your content. 


These were the the ways that can help you score more in the B2C marketing on LinkedIn.

As the head of a running business, it becomes difficult for brand heads to manage marketing simultaneously. Social marketing and digitalization of brands need to be handled by a separate department when most of the world is online searching for every small thing.

Therefore instead of resolving to small apps for various tasks, one should go for a single platform for solving influencer marketing strategies. Brands where communication to payment everything is sorted and clear. 

Vavo Digital is one such platform with millions of users and businesses registered to get the best influencer for them. You can be one of them. Having any queries, drop an email at and we will be right back to you with answers. 

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