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5 Simple Steps To Grow Your Brand’s Organic Following on LinkedIn

It is not hard to grow your brand’s organic following on LinkedIn at all. However, you just need a failproof strategy for it. There are brands that messed up their LinkedIn engagement rate due to a lack of knowledge. 

They are not consistent or implement unworkable channels for boosting the engagement rate on LinkedIn. Winning over LinkedIn needs you to put your work in consistency and make your audience happy with your efforts. 

The results are worth the wait since the hard work will pay you off with convincing ROI for your brand. As per hootsuite, every week about 30%-40% of visitors organically interact with a company’s page. These days, maintaining the engagement rate is not only tough but near impossible due to competition. However, on LinkedIn, we assure you that it’s not going to be back-breaking for you!

Let’s get started with the 5 steps that will help you grow your brand’s organic reach on LinkedIn

1. Define Engagement Targets

A successful business strategy needs an actionable roadmap. So the first thing you need to begin with is the engagement targets. Engagement targets on LinkedIn vary from brand to brand. 

Once, you have completed the roadmap, you can implement it while keeping a record of the progress made and LinkedIn analytics. 

Here are a few things that will help you come up with a good roadmap for organic marketing on LinkedIn.

  • What are you using LinkedIn for?
  • How much engagement do you want to acquire in the next 3 months?
  • Are you aligning with the people’s interests through your strategy?

2. Deliver Value-Packed Content

Boosting the organic following of your brand on LinkedIn also includes a perfect content strategy. You need to make sure if your content is actually giving out the value or not. 

For organic marketing, a brand has to give its audience a valid reason to engage and feel connected to its content. One simple way to do this is to deeply observe the interest of your audience before planning the content strategy.

3. Don’t Compromise On Posting Rhythm

The next step after you have planned your content strategy is to maintain the cadence. You don’t want to lose your place among the audience by not showing up on LinkedIn. So make sure you are actively connected to them and involved in their daily lives. 

It’s better to post once every day on LinkedIn to foster a good tempo with the engagement rates. 

There are a few factors that matter while you are focusing on the posting cadence.

  • Preferred frequency of content consumption by an audience
  • Accurate timing to post
  • Type of the posts that fetch more engagement

4. Work On Different Content Types

Today, organic marketing on LinkedIn does not predicate textual content. You must know that not everyone in your audience is a keen reader. Some of them lean into videos as well. So it’s clever to introduce videos on your LinkedIn page with suitable captions. 

Source: Vital

LinkedIn has a native video option that allows you to upload videos directly to their platform, eliminating the need to link to YouTube or another website in order to keep users on the site. Take advantage of this by uploading your company videos directly to LinkedIn, including those you may already have on  YouTube.

Videos are good attention grabbers for brands looking for growing organic followers on LinkedIn. You can also check tips for a successful video marketing campaign for this purpose. Make sure you experiment with all the possible content types to find out what works for you the best! 

5. Prioritize Comments

Once you have started to receive organic followers on your LinkedIn page, it’s time to hop onto comments sections and start having a talk with the people. It is an overwhelming experience for your audience to be responded to by their favorite brand. You can include emojis, and GIFs and make your responses friendly to garner deeper connections with the audience. 

Parting Words

Organic LinkedIn marketing is a doorway to exploring business opportunities for brands. It also helps with maintaining an unwavering relationship with the audience. LinkedIn offers an edge to the brands through professional demographics. So that they can easily track their progress by observing their followers at the same time.

Our motive at Vavo Digital is to share all the possible ways of organic marketing on LinkedIn by which your brand can soar higher. If you are in need of LinkedIn experts, you can find them on our platform! For more queries, leave us a message at and boost your LinkedIn organic followers with us! 

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