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Male fashion influencers in India

Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers in India

In recent years, India has become home to many male fashion influencers who have taken the industry by storm. A fashion influencer makes an impact by showing how to combine pieces of clothing and accessories into unique looks that appeal to a particular audience. From traditional Indian wear to modern street style, these top 10 male influencers have curated an impressive portfolio of styles that they share with their fans.

Fashion influencers express their enthusiasm with precise content that leaves nothing to chance, which is one of the many reasons why fashion brands regard them as ideal ambassadors. If you’re looking for these male fashion idols, check out our list of the best male fashion influencers in India.

Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers in India

  1. Sanket Mehta
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A post shared by SANKET MEHTA (@sankett25)

Sanket Mehta is one of the top male fashion influencers in India. His Instagram account is a mix of street style, modern Indian wear, and traditional Indian style. Sanket Mehta’s aesthetic is lucrative and urban, which makes him stand out amongst other male influencers.

  1. Siddharth Batra
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A post shared by Siddharth Batra (@siddharth93batra)

Siddharth Batra is another popular male fashion influencer in India. He is known for his unique style and has a very stylish Instagram account showcasing his unique sense of fashion. He is renowned for being open to sharing advice with his followers, from how to dress up for a formal event to the perfect casual street style look.

  1. Jatinn Jay
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A post shared by Jatinn J (@thestyledoodler)

Jatinn Jay, an influencer in the fashion industry, is gaining popularity for his trendsetting style and effortless appeal. Influencer marketing has allowed Jatinn to reach a wardrobe of millions from all across the globe, who are eager to learn and explore different fashion trends.

  1. Tejeshwar Sandhoo
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A post shared by Tejeshwar Sandhoo (@blueberryblackout)

Tejeshwar Sandhoo is another up-and-coming fashion icon in India who is quickly gaining a following for his unique style and fearless approach to fashion. As his profile continues to grow, he is using his influence to not only inspire but also educate people about the latest trends in the fashion industry.

  1. Karron S Dhingrra
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A post shared by Karron S Dhinggra (@theformaledit)

Karron S Dhingrra is making waves in the fashion industry with his unique and creative vision of what fashion should look like. His bold and daring designs have become iconic in the fashion world, and he is becoming known as a trendsetter who challenges the conventions of what is considered fashionable.

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  1. Allen Claudius
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A post shared by Allen Claudius (@bowtiesandbonesblog)

Allen Claudius is a rising star in the fashion industry, proving himself to be an exceptional talent with a creative vision that is pushing boundaries and challenges existing standards in the world of fashion. With his eye for innovation, Allen Claudius is an inspiration to fashion enthusiasts around the world.

  1. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari
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A post shared by Nikhil Kandhari (@iamnkhl)

As a fashionista and designer, Nikhil Prmila Kandhari recreates your wardrobe with her trademark style of combining bold colours, intricate details, and unexpected textures to create one-of-a-kind looks that make a statement that is both timeless and chic.

  1. Shakti Yadav
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A post shared by Shakti Singh Yadav (@thefebruaryboy)

With an undeniable talent and knack for pushing the boundaries of fashion, Shakti Yadav is no stranger to creating daring and unconventional designs. His exquisite silhouettes, intricate details, and out-of-the-box approach to fashion are what set him apart.

  1. Krishen Riyat
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A post shared by Krishen (@krishenriyat)

Krishen Riyat, whose flow is flawless, has become celebrated in the world of fashion by taking the latest trends and infusing them with his unique creative style. Male influencers have made waves in the industry, and Krishen Riyat is no exception. 

  1. Abhinav Mathur 
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A post shared by Abhinav Mathur (@_abix_)

An Indian fashion model, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Abhinav Mathur, is a perfect example of male fashion icons making their mark in the fashion industry. Abhinav’s commitment to creating unique and fashionable outfits has propelled him to the forefront of fashion.


fashion influencer is not just about style, however; they use their influence to bring awareness to social causes, advocate for positive change in the fashion industry, and mentor the next generation of influencers. Influencer marketing is now one of the most effective ways for brands to reach a larger and more engaged audience, and these male fashion influencers are paving the way for a new breed of fashion ambassadors.

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