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Male regional fashion influencers

Top 8 Regional Male Fashion Influencers In India

Instagram has evolved as a potent medium that is revolutionizing how we view clothes and trends in the ever-evolving world of fashion. While it’s true that women have traditionally ruled the fashion industry, our trendy male fashion influencers are starting to make their mark

Since the most recent lockdown gave people the chance to pursue their hobbies, a flood of gifted local male fashion content makers has arisen and has successfully broken into the market. 

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Instagram and other social media platforms have been swept up in the emergence of local influencers and the ensuing boom in local influencer marketing. 

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The top eight regional influencers who are changing the fashion industry will be highlighted in the following piece as we dig into the realm of male fashion influencers in India.

List of Top 8 Indian regional male fashion influencers

  1. Sayan Bakshi

Sayan Bakshi, a.k.a. The Orange Epistles, is one such professional in the field. Over the past two years, there has been a significant rise in the number of social media influencers in India, with the fashion and leisure sectors accounting for the majority of them. Given that he is the sole man who writes in his hometown of Kolkata, Sayan stands out among his rivals. He has a ton of work from the national and international levels of brands. 

  1. Karron S Dhingra

He left his position as a corporate lawyer to take a full-time, paid influencer position in fashion and leisure. Karron is one of the most well-known male fashion influencers in India with 648k Instagram followers. He frequently offers advice to his younger audience on what to wear to best represent their uniqueness. Along with his main area of expertise, formal attire, he also offers advice on low-cost grooming tricks and the newest fashion trends. He rejects the notion that only women should care for their beauty and is a firm believer in the adage “Looking good makes you feel good!” For his efforts in the fashion industry in 2019, he received the “Leading Fashion Influencer” award.

  1. Prabha Singh

Prabh Singh is an Indian blogger, social media influencer, and content producer. He is highly recognized for his amusing and well-liked lipsync videos, lifestyle blogs, and manly attire.  Prabh has experience working for a variety of businesses, such as mCaffeine, Fila, Aldo, and others. On his social media platforms, he has a considerable fan following.

  1. Meet Poser

Everyone adores the unusual traditional attire and style of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which can be seen during occasions like Navratri, the Garba Festival, and kite celebrations. Meet Poser is a Gujarati luxury, fashion, and travel influencer who made history in the industry. He is a role model for entrepreneurs. Additionally, Meet Poser offers content development services in the form of brand collaborations with social media sharing or user-generated content. He has worked with tourist boards to obtain the top content regarding the attractions of their city or state.

  1. Ashwin K

This man with an amazing sense of fashion always understood how to dress sharply, combine his outfits, and seem great! This young businessman has made the decision to leverage his impeccable sense of style for business and is developing his very own brand.  Since then, he has distinguished himself in the fashion business as the epitome of initiative and tenacity.

  1. Dheeraj Reddy

Without a doubt, Dheeraj emits an unequaled stylish atmosphere. Both casual and high-street design clothing on Dheeraj looks terrific. Dheeraj Reddy, a student and fashion blogger from Hyderabad, can look stunning in any outfit. With him standing in front of Hyderabad’s stunning landscapes and coffee shops, his photos resemble the sidewalks of New York. 

  1. Mayur Saroj Rajput

Mayur describes himself on his fashion page as a “peacock in a hat” and goes by the handle @thebowhoguy. He competed in Myntra Fashion Superstar’s inaugural season. Mayur, a fashion artist, is passionate about all things style. He calls himself an androgynous stylist, indicating that he is successful in creating a look that flatters both men and women.

  1. Karan Menghani

From ultra-casual to urban fashionable, Karan Menghani can dress in any manner. If you want some original tips to update your appearance, check out his account. 

This an intriguing feed to pique your interest! This Indian regional influencer has to be among the top 10 finest male fashion bloggers when it comes to remaining current with fashion.


Male fashion influencers distinguish out in the industry in a certain way. Whatever their origins, one thing about them is constant: they like fashion and style. By shattering preconceptions and embracing both themselves and the communities that surround them, these male influencers are radically changing society in every location. 

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