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Top 8 Indian Music Influencers To Follow On Instagram In 2023

Influencers on social media have become powerful not because they have vast followings, but rather because they have been effective in fostering communities of like-minded individuals. 

Before influencing their judgments, they were in continual communication with their audience, comprehending and connecting with them. And what better medium for human interaction than music?

People are brought together by music, and those who are skilled at making and producing music are considered music influencers. From mega-influencers with millions of followers to micro-influencers with just a few thousand, the scale of music influencers varies greatly. You can read out 5 ways to make your influencer strategy go viral.

The new venue for all these gifted artists to display their work and gain the admiration of their fans has developed on social media. Given their popularity among the public and the power of their music, companies are approaching these music enthusiasts more frequently to work together. Sehaye helps to run your campaigns smoothly. You can easily collaborate and communicate with influencers. 

Top 8 Indian Music Influencers On Instagram –

  1. Aaliya Ilyasi @aaliyailyaslay

Blogger, influencer, and Instagram personality from India named Aaliya Ilyasi. She is well-known for her lip-sync videos on Instagram. Additionally, she started a YouTube account on April 12th, 2019.  She mostly publishes gorgeous attire, modeling photos, and song cover videos on her Instagram. Due to her creativity and inventiveness, she has amassed an enormous following, which has caught the attention of several businesses all over the world. She gained fame for her amazing looks, lovely smile, chic sense of style, and endearing demeanor. 

  1. Melissa Srivastava @melissa_srivastava_

A well-known blogger, social media influencer, digital content producer, and YouTuber is Melissa Srivastava. On her Instagram handle, she posts about the newest vacation locations, fashion trends, product reviews, and other topics. She sings brilliantly and likes to play the guitar. Her tone is soothing and lovely. She is renowned for her amazing looks, lovely smile, chic sense of style, and alluring attitude. She has portrayed several well-known companies.  Melissa Srivastava has collaborated with a variety of reputable and well-known companies. 

  1. Anumita Nadesan @anumita.nadesan

Anumita Nadesan, a twenty-year-old Trivandrum resident and music enthusiast, has dazzled the internet with her beautiful voice and choice of music. Melomaniacs and even casual netizens have fallen at her feet because of her incredible music covers, which are adorned with her signature happy smile. Her renditions of well-known Bollywood tunes had an unmistakable soothing effect on a globe experiencing cabin fever brought on by the virus. Anumita’s music continues to be a blessing to many ears. She talks about music as if she’s a girl floating in space with a guitar, demonstrating her undying love for it. The artist is now preparing in order to release original music that captures her true artistic self in a clear yet exciting future.

  1. Mihika Sansare @mihika_

Miihika Sansare is a guitarist and vocalist from Mumbai. She is well-recognized for posting music covers on social media. She has also worked with Prime Video on Her famous hashtag is “#MusicWithMihika”. But her wonderful vocals were what really grabbed the crowd, not simply her guitar covers! One of her covers, “Oh Oh Jane Jana,” has received over a million views. 

  1. Noor Kaur Chahal @noorchahal_

Singer, Instagram model, and YouTube phenomenon Noor Kaur Chahal is from India. She has made multiple video appearances. Her enormous following, which may be partly attributed to her ingenuity and resourcefulness, has caught the attention of various brands all over the world. She has a large following on Instagram because to her modeling videos and images. Along with dancing and other hobbies, Noor likes to sing. Noor enjoys all animals, but especially cats and dogs. 

  1. Jayant Joshi @jayantjoshimusic

Jayant Joshi is a guitarist and singer-songwriter. He likes making videos of Bollywood songs being covered on the guitar. He is the best at playing his covers of timeless songs. His popularity increased as a result of his alluring photos and videos, as well as his incredible looks, endearing grin, and endearing personality. He plays the Casio as enthusiastically as the guitar. One music company he has worked with is Casio music. Additionally, the NDTV news network listed him as one of the top Instagram singing sensations. 

  1. Anuv Jain @anuvjain

Anuv Jain is a Punjab-born Indian musician who also writes songs and composes music. His songs, known for their fervent and beautiful vocals, have won over fans all over the world. In 2012, while he was in class 11, he launched his YouTube account with the intention of creating just music. His first song, “Meri Baaton Me Tu,” was posted. His songs like Ocean, Baarishein, Riha, and Maula are some of the most well-known. His songs have got millions of listens on Jio Saavn, Apple Music, and Spotify. He penned the song “Maula” in honor of his father as he was grieving his father’s passing. This TEDx speaker also influences Indian music.

  1. Saahel @saahellmusic

Saahel is a musician, producer, and vocalist. With his sister, Saahel started learning Hindustani classical music when he was eight years old. Saahel also had over 150 live concerts all throughout India as a young vocalist for all major satellite regional networks. Saahel ultimately started creating music, learnt how to mix music online, and started writing cover songs. After posting a ton of songs, he posted a Hindi cover of Heartbreak Anniversary. With 7.8 million views, it was popular with music enthusiasts and completely changed Saahel’s life. After that, he was able to negotiate several significant brand partnerships, and he hasn’t looked back.


Music influencers come in many shapes and sizes, from well-known social media personalities to undiscovered online talent. Musicians are interacting with their fans and launching their careers in new ways now that social media is the norm. These musicians now have a genuinely enormous stage on which to perform and display their ability thanks to social media. 

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