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VIP Bags

VIP Bags X Vavo Digital: LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing social platform. It is an authentic online platform, where you can connect with potential influencers, customers, and partners who are interested in your brand. In 2024, the number of active users on LinkedIn increases up to 1 Million. 

This opens up a new window for brands who want to grow in a market globally. With the help of LinkedIn influencer marketing, you can successfully increase your brand awareness and reach a new height of success.

The Role Of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn is an effective social platform to increase your brand awareness. As the number of authentic business users on LinkedIn is increasing, the number of influencers is also increasing. These influencers just like any other social platform have a huge number of organic followers.

LinkedIn is a safe and authentic platform, hence its influencer is more effective and has more power. LinkedIn allows you to collaborate with an influencer of your niche and increase your brand image, engagement, customer, and conversion rate. LinkedIn influencer marketing also helps build trust in your brand.

VIP Bags X Vavo Digital: Campaign Brief

VIP Bags

VIP is a leading manufacturing industry of bags, luggage, and suitcases in India. It aims to provide a luxurious, high-quality travel experience without the worry of damaged suitcases. The VIP industry, with its product delivery in 45 different countries, wants to lead the luggage world. 

Aiming to be the global number one brand, the VIP industry understands the importance of LinkedIn influencer marketing in the growing digital world. It admits that with the help of LinkedIn, it can efficiently reach its goal of becoming a global bag manufacturing leader. 

To seamlessly reach its goal, VIP Bags collaborated with our expert influencer marketing team of Vavo Digital. We deeply explored the objectives of VIP Bags and created a successful LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign which showed great results in the end.

Campaign’s Objective

This LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign between VIP Bags and Vavo Digital includes the following objectives at the start:

  • The campaign mainly aims to promote VIP’s high-quality suitcases through LinkedIn.
  • Enhance the LinkedIn presence of VIP Bags to increase their brand awareness.
  • The campaign also focuses on increasing sales and conversion rates.

Campaign’s Strategy

Vavo Digital created practical strategies to ensure the successful meeting of the goals and objectives of this LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign between VIP Bags and Vavo Digital. Our incredible marketing influencers and finance managers managed to find out the position of VIP Bags in the market. 

This helped us to make clear strategies and rules to significantly reach our goals. This VIP Bags X Vavo Digital LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign comprises the following strategies.

  • Collaboration with successful and well-known LinkedIn influencers
  • Create attractive and appalling content featuring the suitcases of VIP Bags and share them on influencers’s LinkedIn account
  • Enhance the positive image of the brand with positive reviews
  • Tend followers to visit VIP Bag’s social media page and buy their suitcases for their next trip.

Campaign’s Results

The VIP Bags X Vavo Digital LinkedIn influence marketing campaign was a huge success. Vavo Digital was able to reach all the goals and objectives of the campaign successfully. 

It created a buzz on LinkedIn featuring multiple influencers marketing VIP Bags through their LinkedIn accounts. The campaign successfully brought the following results.

  • Multiple LinkedIn influencers collaborated with VIP Bags through Vavo Digital, featuring their high-quality bags on their social accounts.
  • On average, a single LinkedIn post gains 600K+ impressions, 15K+ Likes, and 2K+ Shares.
  • The brand awareness increased and VIP Bag was efficiently able to get a high rank in the market.
  • VIP Bags saw better engagement rates on their social accounts including LinkedIn.
  • The conversion and sales also increase rapidly after the successful collaboration with authentic and loyal LinkedIn influencers.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration of VIP Bags and Vavo Digital for a LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign showed incredible results. The expert influencer team of Vavo Digital understood the image of VIP Bags and showcased it before their audience with unique content featuring VIP suitcases. 

The campaign results in increased brand awareness, social engagement, conversion, and sales rate. If you are a company looking for ways to create a successful LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign, reach out to us

The experienced members of Vavo Digital ensure to find you the right influencers, create strategies, and work with you to reach your goals of success efficiently. 

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