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Why is Influencer Marketing an Important Factor for Your Brand?

Influencer marketing is no longer a new concept. But it has definitely gotten popular in the digital marketing space recently. It has been there since a long time, but the 2020 lockdown somehow managed to lift up this marketing form in an absolutely amazing way. 

Many brands from startups to the ones that are already established, have started aligning influencer marketing with their content strategies. 

What about the brands that are still ignoring the advantage that lies with this? Honestly, they need to soon understand its importance in order to stay fit in the dynamic digital marketing world. 

Influencer marketing is trending and brands need to stay put with this trend. Why? Because keeping up with trends helps in moulding the current strategies which in turn can help in improving your overall business. And as a brand, it is important for you to adapt the changes that are reliable and best for your business. 

Now, believe us when we say, influencer marketing is amongst those changes that needs to be adapted by every brand. If we have to put it simply, influencers can help in building a potential customer base for you and even boost the trust within your audience. And all of this is possible because of their authenticity and sincerity. 

There is more to it. Let us deep dive into why influencer marketing is an important factor for your brand! 

  1. Increases Brand Awareness

We all know that the right marketing strategies have always enhanced brand awareness in one or the other way. Well, influencer marketing does the same. 

Influencers are popular amongst their followers because these followers truly look up to them. One of the reasons behind this is their content. They always make sure to deliver high-quality and engaging content and are well aware about what type of content their followers enjoy the most. 

Moreover, influencers even help in building meaningful conversations through their content, which can get more brand mentions. And more brand mentions means an increase in brand awareness. 

  1. Enhances Trust and Credibility

One of the reasons why most of the brands collaborate with influencers is that their audience trusts their beloved influencers and usually believes what they say or recommend. That’s also because of the knowledge and originality these influencers carry with themselves. 

Let’s say, if influencer A writes a positive review for any product of Brand X, then there are higher chances that the followers of influencer A will think of considering the product and place their trust with Brand X. 

Yes, that’s the power of influencers! 

  1. Increase in Audience Engagement

Influencers are skilled in their niche and provide user-centric and high quality content to their followers. 

But how does this help brands in increasing audience engagement?

When an influencer creates a post about your product, their followers are exposed to your brand. In case they like the same, they end up engaging with not only the influencers’ posts but are even attracted towards your social media handle or website. Moreover, there are times when your audience shares the same content piece with their friends and family. 

This not only increases the audience engagement but even enhances your brand visibility. 

  1. Conversion Rate is Improved 

After the 2020 lockdown, social media usage increased and so did online shopping. And many big brands startups grabbed this opportunity and started making use of shopping features by platforms like Instagram to ease this process for the consumers. 

However, they even believed that more than this their audience sees influencers as a reliable source for shopping recommendations. And undoubtedly, it is true! 

Consumers have become more cautious about shopping. Before buying any product, they usually go through product reviews and then take their final decision. 

Thus, collaborating with influencers can work as a great advantage for you. It’s because if an influencer decides to write a positive review about your product, odds are that even one review can result in changing the purchase decision of the consumers. 

However, make sure that these reviews are honest. Because as a brand or an influencer, if your promises or recommendations seem bleak or fake, your audience will leave you automatically. 

Now that you are aware why influencer marketing is important, there is one more thing that you should definitely know. Influencer marketing doesn’t mean only collaborating with celebrity or mega influencers. 

We agree that they have a large following. But then the number of followers doesn’t matter in the long run. Many studies have shown that nano and micro influencers have higher engagement rate as compared to mega and celebrity influencers. It’s because their followers truly resonate with their content. 

So, before choosing an influencer, make sure that he/she is the right fit for your brand and related to your niche. A beauty brand collaborating with a food blogger will obviously make no sense and this brand-influencer collaboration will only deliver poor results. And you sure don’t want to indulge in the same. 

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