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Creating original content on Instagram

Why is it important to create original content on Instagram?

Social media is flooded with multiple content pieces. And to stand amongst the crowd is a challenging task. There is no scope for plagiarised or fake content anymore. Creativity, knowledge, and efforts have taken over them completely. So, it’s original content that will improve your online brand presence. 

Yes there are many social media platforms filled with different content. However, Instagram is one such social media platform that is used by almost everyone. As said earlier, you will come across different content frequently and the right content piece will encourage the audience to engage.

But the importance of original content has been there since day one. So why is it gaining attention from everyone all of sudden? Yes, real content has always been valued, but the audience has become more aware now. Rather than only looking for product benefits, they are now placing their focus on brands that are providing valuable content and educating them. To add on, creating original content is not just necessary for brands, but influencers too.

You might have heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, why not grab the first chance itself and make the most out of it. Confused, right? Let us help you with it.

When you create original content from the beginning, the right audience will be attracted to you, which will help in increasing their trust factor and loyalty. And what about the engagement rate? There is no doubt that the right and original content will always get you a higher engagement rate.

To be honest, in the long run, having a trustworthy and engaging audience is of utmost importance.

Remember, authentic, informative, original, and creative content will help you reach the top position in the market. The trick is to create the content wisely.

Since we are speaking about Instagram, influencers’ feeds can work for them as their portfolio. Why? The content they have been curating could be seen by multiple brands. And it would become easier for brands to collaborate with the one that fits them. Moreover, they will be able to analyze the authenticity of their content.

Again, if your content is original, creative, and engaging, you might even be able to work with some of the best brands. Now you know how important it is to create original content.

However, this is not it. Content tells a lot about you, whether you are a brand or an influencer. It shows the amount of knowledge you have about the industry and your business. For example, being a fashion influencer doesn’t always mean creating content only around the clothes that you are wearing. Instead, use your creative freedom. Create posts or videos around DIYs, How to, 5 ways you can wear this top, etc. This will encourage your audience to always look up to you!

Apart from this, the content pieces you are curating also show your confidence and helps in illustrating your authority.

Content is the king! This quote is definitely going to stick around forever because it has become a mere part of marketers’ lives.

But does content let the audience easily recognize the brands or creators? Well definitely! Many brands and influencers have made their presence on Instagram and are winning hearts through their creative minds. It’s not just the company logo that helps in recognizing it, but the content too. If you take Instagram, every week, every day, some or the other content pieces are going viral and bringing engagement. We think it’s safe to say that it has become even easier for the audience to recognize their favourite brands or creators!

Moving further, creating original content can even get you more mentions on Instagram and even help in building a positive conversation around you. How does it help?

For brands, it can help in not only increasing their awareness but even attract potential customers. Plus, it can even help in improving the overall reputation of a brand and even change the consumers’ perception of it.

And for influencers, it can help in gaining authentic followers and increasing their chance to collaborate with their favourite brands.

The best part is that your content can be in any format – text, short or long for videos, etc. But, it has to tick originality and creativity in the list.

Apart from this, many brands and influencers spoke about Instagram’s changed algorithm and how difficult it has become to grow on this social media platform.

Let’s just look at it in another way though. Although it has become challenging, the Instagram algorithm has given everyone the opportunity to be more consistent and original while posting the content. Once its algorithm sees that your audience is resonating with your content, then it makes sure to position you higher.

The marketing industry is indeed becoming challenging every day but the solution is only to win these challenges and make ourselves better in this marketing space.

And if you are someone who is looking forward to winning this challenge, then make sure that your efforts are focused on creating original, creative, and valuable content!

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