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6 Top Haul Video Influencers To Follow On YouTube

6 Top Haul Video Influencers To Follow On YouTube

Accept it: YouTubers or celebrities who follow the fashion industry provide the majority of our fashion inspiration. They have established trends, and even if it is only for ourselves, we all want to appear well or emulate them. Haul videos have been around for a while. They have been around since the late 2000s and have developed a devoted, enormous fan base (and now even a revenue model). They’ve only lately gained popularity in India, but for now it appears that mainly female vloggers are participating in them there.

What is a haul video?

Simply put, a haul video on YouTube is a type of Vlog in which you introduce a product or item, such as clothing, makeup, technology, accessories, food, etc. Describe the item you recently purchased to the audience and explain why you believe it to be the best purchase, as well as how it might be useful to them.

Why are haul videos so popular?

With YouTube serving as the source of everyone’s daily amusement, we are left wondering why haul videos are so popular. Regardless of their niche, the majority of YouTubers produce at least one haul video. They might include shopping hauls, odd chocolates, face masks, candles, and more. The list continues forever. But the question is what makes haul videos more popular on YouTube than Instagram?

They are popular because, as a small retailer, they can assist you in establishing connections with potential customers through influencers. In general, users watch and subscribe to YouTube videos made by producers or influencers they respect or who have similar tastes in goods. Also, people watching videos on YouTube are intended to watch longer videos whereas on Instagram the short video format is popular. This can be a reason for more popularity of haul videos on YouTube or Instagram. 

Now without further ado, let’s jump into our entire list of YouTubers who you can follow for all your daily and seasonal fashion inspiration:

1. Sejal Kumar

This YouTuber doesn’t require an introduction because many of us have undoubtedly already seen her rise to fame as a young fashion influencer! We have been awestruck by her stunning ensembles and distinctive style in her countless apparel haul and styling videos. If you haven’t already, you’re definitely losing out on some amazing buying tips if you haven’t looked at her content.

2. Heli Ved

With her TONS of hauls and vlogs, she’s gonna entertain you like no other. You’ll learn how to score some great deals along the way from a vibrant personality who preaches shopping, fashion, style, and much more. You might even gain some insider knowledge to wear that garment you once thought wouldn’t look well on you!

3. Debasree Banerjee

This lady may be your long-distance cosmetic and shopping buddy by showcasing a broad range of brands that will work best for you, from basic skincare to premium looks. Just by watching a few of her hauls, you’ll learn exactly what to put in your shopping cart. So gather your snacks and enjoy the show.

On YouTube, beauty and fashion videos have always been popular, read more about fashion youtubers here: Top 6 Indian Fashion YouTubers To Follow In 2022

4. Malvika Sitlani

India’s Next Top Model – Malvika has accomplished so much at such a young age that it will motivate you to have a look at her channel, from being featured on the cover of “Vogue” Magazine to being chosen for the most well-known fashion reality show. Her YouTube channel is filled with a variety of hauls videos,tutorials and trying on different makeups.

5. Dhwani Bhatt

Among the many things she wishes to do, affordable fashion hauls are her thing. This Mumbai resident will show you the top stores in the area as well as online retailers where you can purchase your basic wardrobe’s accessories, like shoes and purses. So do subscribe and add her to your list if you want to see some fascinating videos!

6. Isheeta Yadav

She will delight you like no one else with her massive collection of try-on-haul videos and vlogs. a charismatic diva who expounds on shopping and fashion. But don’t you think that with never-ending fashion trends and constantly shifting seasonal looks and OOTDs, things always become complicated. Join her tribe to learn more about your wardrobe and accessories, as well as what might work best for you.

Regional influencers are also making a name for themselves across categories. Even in the haul video category, we can see a variety of regional influencers rising to fame. Some of them are Devyani Kale, Anshika Soni and Ana Mishra

Final Verdict

Our final verdict is that haul videos are simply enjoyable to create and enjoyable to watch! Such videos have the power to influence societal norms and people’s sense of self. They enable you to experience fun even if all you do is buy nonstop and live vicariously via others! Which haul video is your favourite to watch? Please comment below!

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