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Top 10 Indian Finance Influencers On LinkedIn

Top 10 Indian Finance Influencers On LinkedIn

India’s Fintech industry has gained a lot of momentum in the last one year. The Fintech and Digital Finance Ecosystem have benefited from the knowledge and experience of those who have driven the industry. These people have used the pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen collaborations with other financial institutions and boost public use of digital technology. Financial experts have evolved into financial influencers since the internet’s inception. They are attempting to disseminate the correct information via a variety of platforms, including LinkedIn. 

On LinkedIn, Indian financial influencers share content that is interesting and has the appropriate amount of reliable facts for the audience’s reference. It would be worthwhile to see the fintech business overcome its initial reputation as dull or boring by choosing the new-age influencer marketing through reliable networks like LinkedIn. Finance influencers on LinkedIn have changed the marketing game for fintech brands.

After carefully examining the influencer marketing landscape and working with some of India’s leading financial firms, we are pleased to provide the list of: top 10 finance influencers on LinkedIn who may prove to be the most cost-effective partners for your upcoming influencer marketing campaign:

1.  Ankur Warikoo

Type of content- Storytelling Via Videos

Ankur Warikoo offers advice on how to make money, make investments, and advance personally. He posts a wide range of articles on his LinkedIn page about various subjects. If you are uncertain about anything, whether self-development, talents, or mutual funds, Ankur’s content will undoubtedly point you in the best possible direction. Ankur’s digital homes are the ideal synthesis of all things advancement and growth. It’s a priority for this Indian financial influencer on LinkedIn to simplify and make understandable complex financial and commercial topics.

2. Adhil Shetty

Type of content- Articles

Adhil, one of the top fintech influencers in India, is the co-founder and CEO of BankBazaar. Adil discusses all things financial while enlightening his viewers on personal finance. He makes it a point to give his vast audience sound financial advice, and he also interacts with them by telling them about his entrepreneurial path. Numerous informative articles on home loans, student loans, gold loans, and other personal financial subjects may be found on Adhil’s LinkedIn profile.

3. Sharan Hegde

Type of content- Informational Posts 

As a co-founder of the financial brand Hedonova, Sharan is an  Indian influencer in personal finance who produces entertaining and easy-to-understand content.   On LinkedIn, he has been highly active. He continues to discuss numerous financial topics with other financial experts and company titans. He discusses a wide range of topics, such as finance, investing, money management, the psychology of money, and all one needs to know about the financial world.

4. Rachana Ranade

Type of content- Fun Informative Video Content

Chartered Account Rachana Ranade, who has more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 395K+ followers on LinkedIn educates everyone through her videos on the stock markets and the financial sector. Additionally, she provides classes in the area on her website and tweets about her observations.

5. Nidhi Nagori

Type of content- Informative Articles & Posts

Nidhi, who is currently employed in finance, is a chartered accountant from India and a certified public accountant from the US. In addition to that, she is directing people toward a wonderful financial route in their lives while also writing content for various social media sites. She engages with many people on LinkedIn and helps them on the path to a better financial career.

LinkedIn is the ideal way to connect with an exclusive group of business executives and professionals. Want to know more about LinkedIn influencers?  Check out: top 10 Indian LinkedIn influencers to follow in 2022

6. Pranjal Kamra

Type of content- Video Content & Factual Posts

Pranjal is an early-stage investor. On his LinkedIn profile, he discusses startups, investments, money, and many other topics. He is one of the internet’s most popular writers of financial content. He does hold a variety of workshops for millennials and college students. His financial stuff is really popular. He has also written a book called “mint your money” that discusses growth and money-making techniques.

7. Anushka Rathod

Type of content- Factual Posts

Anushka, a former investment banker, currently creates material on a variety of subjects, including business, finance, economics, and much more. Anushka is one of the top female financial influencers in India and has a sizable fan base across multiple social media platforms. She makes it a point to discuss global economic and financial issues and keeps her audience informed as well.

8. Vani Kola

Type of content- Business Advices Themed Posts

Vani, who has been named one of “Fortune India’s Most Powerful Women in Business,” is a prominent figure in the financial industry. This financial influencer’s investment recommendations are the outcome of her own business experiences as a prosperous entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. This Indian female finance influencer makes it a point to keep her followers informed about financial developments around the world and sprinkles intelligent business advice and insider secrets throughout her LinkedIn feed.

9. Rony Saha

Type of content- Facts & Stats Themed Posts

This LinkedIn influencer in finance discusses entrepreneurship, business, and a lot more. He never stops expressing his opinions on the different financial reforms taking place in India and elsewhere. He takes special care to inform his audience on all things financial. He is the one you should turn to for any and all financial information.

10. Neha Nagar

Type of content- Fun & Informative Video Posts

Neha discusses money matters, business ventures, startups, and various investing concepts. She is fostering entrepreneurship and helping people grow their businesses with the hope of promoting financial literacy through content production. Her content is always on point and presented in an understandable manner. This top finance influencer on LinkedIn makes videos that explain various financial concepts in the easiest, most entertaining way possible while conveying accurate financial information.


Check out these influencers if you’re thinking about investing in the market. One feels secure and has control over their money when they are in control of their own finances. Starting early enough and utilising the resources offered are always wise decisions.

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