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Top 6 Indian Fashion YouTubers To Follow In 2022

Top 6 Indian Fashion YouTubers To Follow In 2022

On YouTube, beauty and fashion videos have always been popular. Makeup tutorials appeared in some of the very earliest YouTube videos, and it appears that nothing has changed since then. From Komal Pandey to Sejal Kumar, the fashion and beauty industries have evolved and expanded to be more diverse. As a result, even YouTubers are now regarded as incredibly big names in the fashion and beauty industries.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a fashion icon to follow in this dynamic industry. And some trustworthy fashion gurus have taken control on a variety of channels, including YouTube, to assist us in choosing a garment that turns a few heads. These Indian fashion YouTubers and influencers are well-versed in market trends and share their innovative ideas and expertise with their devoted fans.

In light of this, the following is a list of the Top Fashion YouTubers in India you need to watch to keep you updated with the trends:

1. Sejal Kumar

Sejal, a Delhi native, produces fashion and lifestyle videos with music for her followers to enjoy. Since starting her YouTube channel in 2014, she has grown to become one of the top fashion vloggers there, producing entertaining and useful content. She enjoys a great level of respect in the fashion and style industries.

Her YouTube channel has over 1.38 million subscribers.

2. Komal Pandey

One of India’s top fashion YouTubers, Komal is a fashion vlogger who is quickly rising to fame. Her fashion and style-related posts are well-liked and frequently read by many individuals. When she left POPxo, an online community for women’s fashion, she was well-known for her work as a fashion stylist. From there, she began her adventure to establish one of India’s most reputable fashion YouTube channels which now has over 1.23 Million subscribers.

3. The Formal Edit

The Formal edit, a channel run by Karron Dhingra, offers advice on affordable style and grooming. On his channel, he frequently discusses affordable and enjoyable fashion ensembles as well as popular issues like men’s hair loss, hair care regimens, and home cures. He is one of the most popular Indian fashion YouTubers online thanks to his amazing content. His YouTube channel has over 3.87 million subscribers.

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4. Kritika Khurana

For all of your fashion requirements and advice, turn to Kritika Khurana, popularly known as That Boho Girl. She has a degree in fashion design and runs a YouTube channel of over 755K+ subscribers where she posts videos on outfits, DIY projects, hairstyles, and travel. She can be incredibly inventive in repurposing old clothing into new fashion trends and provides some wonderful fashion tips for women. She has helped build one of India’s top fashion YouTube channels with the help of her diverse and unique videos. 

5. Mayank Bhattacharya 

Mayank is one of the top men’s fashion YouTubers, and his channel was created specifically to make men’s fashion needs and lifestyles simpler. It is a men’s premium leisure channel that launched in 2014. It is a place where you can learn about luxury, fashion tips, the best clothing for guys, and everything else a man would be interested in.

6. Be Ghent

The creator of “Be Ghent,” lifestyle vlogger Rishi Arora, believes in capturing all of life’s significant and insignificant moments. On this Indian fashion YouTubers channel, you may get information about men’s fashion, styling, and grooming

Rishi can teach you how to fold your jeans in various ways and can also tell you how to tell the difference between low-quality and high-quality T-shirts. In addition to discussing fashion trends, Rishi offers advice on how to boost self-assurance and body language.

How To Select The Right Fashion YouTubers For Your YouTube Campaigns?

No matter what platform you choose, selecting the right influencers/youtubers can be a difficult task. So, here are some suggestions to make your hunt for the upcoming marketing partner easy by choosing the best brief:

1. The first step should be identifying which one of the brief has youtubers whose audience resonate with your target market.

2. Next up will be the budget, you should concentrate on finding fashion YouTubers who create videos for your target audience and are within your budget.

3. Choose fashion influencers who have the same cultural values as your brand. Disney, for instance, would be unlikely to select any influencers who aren’t supportive of families. Don’t merely target well-known, well-liked influencers because they might not share your values.

Signing Off

A couple of things that almost always add to your personality are fashion and grooming. However, the fashion industry is a fluid one. The aforementioned fashion YouTubers make sure that all of their followers stay current with these shifting fashion trends and keep refining their personality. Therefore, if you want to gradually enhance every aspect of your lifestyle, these fashion influencers can really help you achieve this goal!

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