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8 Must-Listen Indian Podcasts on Spotify


In 2022, the number of entertainment options we have is limitless. Although OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are great for catching the latest releases or binge-watching shows, don’t miss out on discovering the vast, amazing world of podcasts. 

Podcasts are currently driving the content world as the audio medium offers an easy and convenient way to access all kinds of content, whether it be the latest headlines or entertaining life stories. Perhaps this is why more and more people are tuning in and podcasts have become a global phenomenon. In fact, there are 383.7 million podcast listeners globally, and that number is expected to rise to 424 million by the end of 2022. 

The abundance of podcasts in various genres available on the Indian market adds to their appeal. We compiled a list of the ten best podcasts that you must tune into: 

The Ranveer Show 

Ranveer Allabadia, aka BeerBiceps, started The Ranveer Show in 2019 with the primary motive of adding some value to the lives of the listeners. Each episode is an in-depth sit down conversation with the country’s most brilliant and accomplished individuals to really delve into their journeys and understand the mindset that got them to where they are now. Tune into the smartest podcast to get inspired! 

What’s Up Sister 

The iconic blogger sister duo, Kritika and Deeksha Khurrana, started their entertaining podcast amidst the pandemic when we all needed some feel good content. They release an episode every Monday and discuss everything life related from families and careers to adult friendships and heartbreak. If you’re looking for a weekly dose of girl talk, What’s Up Sister is highly recommended. 

Respectfully Disagree by Swaddle 

The Swaddle, a Mumbai-based independent media outlet, produces a podcast where they analyse and discuss many topics pertaining to family, culture, gender, and health. This weekly podcast is hosted by Srishti Malhotra and focuses on the different stances various individuals can have on one issue and how they can respectfully disagree. They discuss hot takes in pop culture, for instance, the relevance of royalty in our modern world as well as more ethical issues like eating meat right.

  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

On Purpose is a popular self-help podcast hosted by Jay Shetty, a British Indian author, former monk, and life coach. The intention behind this podcast is to make wisdom go viral. New episodes are released every Monday and Friday, and they are usually insightful conversations with the world’s most intelligent individuals, from entrepreneurs, singers, actors, and philanthropists. 

  1. Dear Teenage Me 

The Dear Teenage Me podcast spans 26 episodes and highlights some common problems faced by Gen Z. New episodes of the series drop on Tuesday and Thursday everywhere, where host Ahsaas Channa and her guests share personal anecdotes of their teenage years and delve into topics such as body image, sociential pressure, mental health, etc.  

  1. Indian Noir 

Indian Noir was released in 2018, and is the perfect combination of crime, horror, and dark fantasy. It was written, narrated, and produced by award-winning voice actor, Nikesh Murali. The episodes are short stories, requiring 4-7 minutes to complete. Don’t doubt the dramatic value these short episodes can bring when combined with the sound effects. 

  1. Masala Podcast 

For and by South Asian women, The Masala Podcast is an award-winning feminist podcast focusing on cultural taboos and normalizing them. The podcast, which is hosted by London-based Sangeeta Pillai, features inspirational  South Asian women to discuss a wide range of topics, including sex, sexuality, menstruation, menopause, mental health, sexual harassment, etc.

  1. The Big Fat Indian Ghotala 

This podcast dissects the astounding ingenuity of Indian scam artists. You may find the guidelines for a good scam here, from staging phoney cricket matches to defrauding the Indian Railways. For fans of the Bad Boy Billionaires, the podcast is ideal—aside from a few overused similes and its exaggerated cheer.

The Final Word 

This list demonstrates that there are no rules to a successful podcast. Since podcasts have many listeners, different individuals will resonate with different content and styles. If you are thinking about starting a podcast or have recently launched one, get in touch with us to help you amplify it and reach your intended audience with the help of influencer marketing. 

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