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Real estate influencers

5 Topmost Real Estate Influencers In India

Real estate influencers and creators are in great demand and have become a prominent topic of conversation due to shifting trends in the real estate sector. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top real estate influencers you should follow to learn about housing and real estate if you’re seeking real estate influencers who share property pricing, updates, news, and other information.

Who Are Real Estate Influencers?

The real estate sector is shaped and directed by agents as influencers. Additionally, they can aid in diversifying the pool of potential purchasers and hasten sales by advertising social media listings.

Youtube is a great educational resource for individuals who have a busy schedule and want to learn things on the go and for individuals who are visual learners and prefer learning by watching short, informative videos. Here is our list of the top 5 real estate Influencers to follow in 2022:

1. Technocrat Anshul

Anshul Bansal is a well-known figure in the real estate influencer community. This Chandigarh-based real estate influencer has about 633k members, is expanding quickly with each passing day, and has emerged as India’s top real estate expert.

The lovely entryway to your ideal home is the YouTube channel Technocrat Anshul. The detailed video reviews provide a close-up look at every section of the house and discuss the construction process, the super-built-up area, the interiors, the exteriors, the builders, etc.

2. Realestate Mayank-

The Green Cottage, a real estate brokerage, was started by Mayank Agarwal, an influencer. Agarwal doesn’t frequently advertise properties, businesses, and land on Instagram. His writing focuses on educating readers on what they need to know before and after purchasing a piece of real estates, such as construction specifics and governing laws.

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3. Chetan Kapur

Realtors have evolved into influential people in society for a while now. One of the realtors with whom brands in the industry have been working closely is Chetan Kapur. On his Instagram, he discusses real estate and its various facets. You can get an insight into how to scale up your business and actively engage your audience through interesting real estate social media postings from the various reels on his account.

4. Sanat Thakur– 

Sanat Thakur, a real estate influencer with over 79.5K YouTube subscribers, specialises in uncovering hidden assets, overlooking opportunities, and undervaluing real estate possibilities. You should definitely check out his YouTube channel if you want to learn more about the real estate industry.

5. Harishankar Tiwari

With over 17k followers on LinkedIn and 68.4K subscribers on YouTube, Harishankar Tiwari is an experienced seller having a track record of involvement in the real estate sector. Sales, new home sales, short sales, foreclosures, and single-family homes are areas in which he has expertise.

Wrapping Up

Over the past few years, several pioneers have emerged in the Indian real estate market. Due to the competitive nature of this industry, the Indian real estate market has become a hot topic of conversation worldwide. There is a distinct fan base for the nation’s real estate industry because many individuals are interested in learning about various developments. You can check out these five trustworthy sources if you’re looking for some true and authentic news and articles about the Indian real estate market.

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