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All You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing

All You Need To Know About Pinterest Influencer Marketing

The debut of Pinterest in 2010, at the same time as Instagram, completely altered how people curate, save and share visual content online. It taught users how to make pinboards, which serve as both an inspirational platform for online information sharing and a visual bookmarking tool. It significantly transformed the industry, and we cannot dispute that. Visitors are drawn in by this design and are compelled to do an action, such as pinning a photo or visiting a linked website. Pinners use the pinboard to organize their ideas for various categories and potential purchases. The platform’s user interface makes shopping and Pinterest influencer marketing easier.

Why Should Your Brand Be on Pinterest?

72% of Pinners use Pinterest to select what to buy offline, so your brand should focus on remaining at the top of consumers’ minds before they enter stores. Pinterest influencers can assist you in doing this by promoting retail sales. Make sure there is a call to action on your website and a link to the product page in any article they write about the items you gave them. This will allow pinners to see exactly where to make purchases. By assisting users in determining their goals and how to reach them, Pinterest is a paradise of inspiration that maximizes the aspirations and desires of its users.

How To Build A Pinterest Influencer Marketing Campaign?

1. Developing Your Pinterest Strategy- First comes determining your target audience by their age, location, gender, and demographics. Whether they are existing customers or new leads will be crucial for your marketing campaign.

The second step would be knowing the company’s Pinterest influencer marketing campaign goals whether they’re to boost sales or brand awareness.

2. Create Content- Always consider what sort of story your brand wants to tell and how engaging you want that content to be when deciding how to present and promote that content on Pinterest. In addition, bear the following in mind:

i) Decide what type of pins- Here are a few examples of the most popular pin formats that your company can customize: Product pins, story pins, recipe pins, story pins, video pins, article pins, and infographic pins.

ii) Be descriptive- You should carefully consider your pin descriptions and provide visitors with a complete image. Since people’s feeds only have room for 50–60 characters, Pinterest advises placing your most essential information first.

iii) Schedule your pins– You should carefully consider your pin descriptions and provide visitors with a complete image. Since people’s feeds only have room for 50–60 characters, Pinterest advises placing your most essential information first.

Choosing the Right Pinterest influencers For You

It is time-consuming, as it should be, to plan and produce content internally. Piece of advice from us? Engage Pinterest influencers in partnership. Your brand will be presented in the best possible light if you make use of its skilled content development abilities. There are countless ways to do this, including by developing creative recipes or making instructional videos that explain to their audience how to utilize your product. Follow these steps to find Pinterest influencers:

1. Pinterest influencers should align with your brand- Use hashtags or Pinterest’s Explore page to look for influencers who produce high-quality material that suits your brand’s image.

2. Contact your influencers- It’s significant to understand that many content creators have certain contact preferences. Email is typically the most secure option. In most cases, if you locate a Pinterest influencer who is ideal for your forthcoming campaign, you can get their email by looking at the website that is linked in their bio.

3. Utilize Pinterest Analytics- After you accomplish the creative stage, you should consider using Pinterest Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your plan. The impressions and engagement on your pins, the quantity of saves, link clicks, video views, average watch time, and many more metrics are some of the crucial ones you may monitor. In this manner, you can ensure that your Pinterest influencer marketing strategy is effective and make any necessary campaign tweaks.

Some of the famous pinfluencers who are pinning and killing it on Pinterest are Kritika Khurana, Aakriti Rana, Karishma Rawat, Praful Jain, and Shivesh Bhatia

These content creators know the art of repurposing content which has helped them evolve into different channels. Want to know more about repurposing content? Read our blog here.

Parting Note

Influencers on Pinterest can encourage potential customers to take your product off the shelf and into their shopping baskets by increasing awareness and establishing a following (virtual or physical). Vavo Digital can assist if you still have trouble identifying the ideal Pinterest influencers for your business. In no time, we can expertly pair influencers with your campaign’s target demographic and campaign requirements. For direct communication, click here.

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