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brands using asmr in their marketing strategy is going popular


What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR triggers a tingling sensation that can be felt from the top of your head to the tip of your pinky toe. ASMR produces a feeling of euphoria, thus giving marketers a wide window of opportunity to capitalize on their products.

ASMR has a lot of benefits-

  • It lessens anxious thoughts.
  • It helps with insomnia and improves sleep.
  • It reduces blood pressure and consequent tension headaches.
  • Most of all it enables brands to use ASMR in their marketing strategies.

Michelob was one of the first brands to capitalise on ASMR-induced relaxation by coming out with an ad featuring Zoe Kravitz. The ad campaign was hugely successful, urging viewers to grab a bottle of Michelob themselves! 

To tell the tale, in short, ASMR is currently huge among digital marketers. Their videos range from highly satisfying to make one feel at peace with the world.


In India, ASMR has grown quite popular. Google Trends reports that interest in the keyword has been strong for the last year, peaking at 100 in October and that Mizoram, Nagaland, and Meghalaya have the greatest levels of interest in ASMR.

Heli Ved, a YouTuber from Mumbai, posted a video in February 2019 demonstrating how to do ASMR using common objects seen in India. The remark “ASMR going to India na” on Ved’s video is indicative of the phenomenon’s penetration into Indian popular culture.

Under “ASMR India,” Google now displays over 98 million video results in 0.32 seconds.

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Having said a lot about ASMR, Now it’s time to mix this feeling of absolute relaxation with a sight that makes your mouth linger. That’s the inspiration behind Pizza Hut’s take-off with an “A SEDAP MARVELLOUS REALLY” epic video!

Campaign Spotlight: Pizza Hut and Fishermen Integrated take flight with “A Sedap Marvelous Really” spectacular video

This ad campaign was set inside an aeroplane showing Jenn Chia, a Malaysian influencer, as an air hostess. She presents to all the passengers onboard a “tasty briefing” and ensures a first ‘crust’ experience.

The video uses familiar aeroplane safety analogies which in turn gives the whole ad a goofy effect. Furthermore, it encourages the fight boarders to switch their phones ‘on’ to camera mode to capture the scrumptious cheese pull, as visible in the video. Instructions are given by Jenn to all the viewers, relating to what should be done during a “hunger emergency”.

As soon as the “makan” called in the Malaysian language which means “sign” illuminates, she guides the passengers to savour the aroma and enjoy the luscious taste of the new ‘airy’ and ‘light’ handcrafted pizza by Pizza Hut.

The ASMR experience successfully lands and is available on the internet after receiving clearance from Fishermen Integrated. 

The creators are overwhelmed with the reviews the video bagged, garnering over 53K views.

This ad not only adds zesty, goofy humour to life but also entices you to order a soft, crispy and light Pizza.

Fishermen Integrated created the concept for this ASMR video as well as the social media graphics. For instance, the social media posts use pictures of an aeroplane wing and a window in the background while highlighting the pizza’s handcrafted light and airy foundation. One of the posts further claimed that after eating the pizza, customers would feel as if they were on cloud nine.

Although the idea is still very new, many individuals support using ASMR to reduce stress and aid with meditation. Several scientific research has been conducted on the phenomena, although not everyone is affected by these triggers. Additionally, different people have various responses to ASMR videos. However, the video got whooping 537K+ views on YouTube

Millions of viewers have tuned in to hear this YouTube star- Maria Gentle with her YouTube channel named as gentle whispering ASMR. She started making videos five years ago and now she has over 500,000 subscribers, known for her ability to make people feel tingles go up and down their spines.

Maria left her 9–5 administrative job to pursue content creation full-time when her videos received more than 203.5 million views.

These videos are still widely seen, though, which makes them useful for spreading brand awareness on social media. Marketing teams should not worry too much about the cost of their social media marketing campaign because it may be reasonably inexpensive to produce this kind of video. The consumer’s subconscious will correlate any brand name spoken with a positive approach since the videos are activating (in a good manner), thus reinforcing the brand image.

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