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Does your brand need linkedin influencer marketing

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing: Does your brand needs LinkedIn Influencers?

What comes to your mind when you think of an influencer endorsing a product? Is it a curiously positioned energy drink bottle or is that a product being subtly flexed?

Although this kind of influencer marketing was once limited to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, now LinkedIn is on its way to overtaking them as the leading influencer marketing channel!


With influencer marketing on the rise- many people now prefer to use LinkedIn for personal as well as commercial brandings. It might be surprising to know that over 80% of brand marketing comes from the professionally oriented site, LinkedIn. Why you may ask?

  • LinkedIn is the home to some of the greatest decision makers and marketers: LinkedIn is one of the leading platforms for generating leads for  businesses. It is the place where all of the trusted and most experienced CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and many other team leads and decision makers inhabit. 
  • Their opinions matter: A thought-out influencer has greater reach than any one particular brand. Their opinions are respected and often lead to a successful campaign. With well-scripted posts, these influencers accomplish it to establish their presence in the viewer’s mind.
  • Personal stories hit the mark: The number one task to dominate LinkedIn campaigns is having an interactive audience. A personal touch to the branding is the perfect secret formula to the recipe of victory. 

Now you may have realised why LinkedIn influencer marketing is taking over the marketing bandwagon. If you are an Instagram influencer or a YouTuber, you might be looking to be a part of LinkedIn influencer marketing and become a LinkedIn influencer. Don’t worry, we have done the legwork for you. We have curated 5 effortless steps to build your LinkedIn profile. Check it out now!!

And the biggest dilemma!! Is LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Right for Your Brand?

It’s possible that your marketing needs won’t be met by influencers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. For instance, LinkedIn influencer marketing may be the best option for your brand if your items are marketed to business professionals.

Don’t believe us? No issue, our LinkedIn campaign for Ultrahuman is our piece of evidence. A health care product launch by ultrahuman grabbed the attention of the masses with our star LinkedIn influencers being the highlight, some of the big names are Neha K Puri, Rohit Reddy and Unnati Bagga.

To know more about our LinkedIn influencer campaign with Ultrahuman, check out the LinkedIn post of Vavo Digital

Can B2C Marketing Succeed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an excellent medium for B2B marketing, but it is also becoming increasingly popular with B2C marketers. The unique audience can be used to create idealised campaigns that work for professionals even when they are not working.

For example, professionals are likely to have purchasing power in their houses. If your core target is youngsters, LinkedIn can reach a secondary audience, such as their parents. Furthermore, promoted and sponsored material on LinkedIn is more difficult to spot in major feeds. The postings are notated, yet they blend into the news streams and are not distracting. Furthermore, they can help reach a larger audience.

Our LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign with Himalayan Organics is one such B2C campaign. The core objective of the campaign was to reach a massive audience and create buzz and awareness about the brand.

Returning to the million dollar question, how to find influencers on LinkedIn?

There are various options, some of which are simpler than others.

  1. LinkedIn influencer list- High-profile platform users are included in LinkedIn’s influencer list, which is kept up to date. Melinda Gates, Adam Grant, Sara Blakely, and other well-known figures from the business sector may be found on this list. LinkedIn personally selects these individuals. Since you are looking for influencers to partner with your company, you can probably skip this list. Because of their fame, it is quite improbable that these celebrities will agree to work directly for your company (unless you have millions of dollars to spend). You must locate more specialized influencers.
  1. Use search to find LinkedIn influencers- A less complicated and useful way is to manually search on LinkedIn. One choice is to look for people whose job titles or profile descriptions contain particular words, but this is a somewhat time-consuming approach. You must choose each person’s profile, assess their number of connections or followers, and then review the information they post to see whether it is relevant to your company. Although there’s a less time taking process: do a content analysis instead of a profile search. Let’s take the example of searching for LinkedIn influencers who frequently publish content marketing-related material. Enter “content marketing” in the LinkedIn search box. Make sure the filter is set to “Content” so that it displays content that others have posted on the topic. 
  1. How to collaborate with potential LinkedIn influencers– The monetization of their postings doesn’t concern most of the LinkedIn influencers. The majority of them are founders and board members of some of the most successful businesses in the world; earning a few thousand every post is not the reason they have established such a significant internet presence. LinkedIn thought leaders often represent businesses they created or have run for a while. They must thus maintain their credibility and their ability to sway the judgments of other decision-makers.

When pitching partnerships to LinkedIn influencers, be careful to include suggestions that will benefit both parties. How will their relationship with your business help them or their brand? Do you provide access to a massive audience? 

Given this way only, you should reach out to LinkedIn influencers now rather than later.


Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing on LinkedIn, regardless of industry be it B2B or B2C. Using influencers on a network full of interested, active decision-makers helps you to interact with potential clients directly and boost your brand recognition quicker than traditional marketing tactics ever could.

The key to maximising ROI is to automate as much of the outreach process as feasible. The last thing you want to do is spend hours of your day looking for influencers to cooperate with only to receive no response from the majority of them. With the correct strategy, you can turn LinkedIn into the primary channel for generating leads, traffic, and revenue.

If you’re searching for strategies to increase the online visibility of your business, you should start with LinkedIn influencer marketing. 

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