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How To Become A LinkedIn Influencer In 2023? 

LinkedIn influencers also known as thought leaders on LinkedIn were people who have mastered the art of selling their brand on LinkedIn. 

A LinkedIn influencer should be able to spark thoughtful conversation between his ideas regarding his product. Then only are the people going to talk about it. Some of the most followed LinkedIn influencers include Sophie Miller, Brandon Smith, and other multinational companies. 

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So if you are someone who thinks LinkedIn is just for recruiting and employment, then that’s not true. The marketing on LinkedIn has gone far beyond the sky with variations of various types. Brands are investing heavily in LinkedIn influencers and LinkedIn marketing. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get started with these 5 tips to become a LinkedIn influencer in 2023:

1. Know and Mean your Goals 

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Let us burst the myth bubble! Anybody can be an influencer. There is no PhDs or degree required to be fulfilled by anyone. You just need to be confident and know your goals of being an influencer. Linkedin should be treated like other social media platforms when it comes to social media marketing. You cannot be bland on posting about your products on LinkedIn. 

Your goals should be defined according to your meaning, you should know what amount of reach and audience to a post will define your success in brand marketing. Strategize your posting process and make it connected to your audience’s timing. Being regular in putting information and not letting the customers forget about your brand is a good sign for a marketer. 

2. Be Authentic 

LinkedIn should not be made boring by just talking about job opportunities and employment. It has a lot more things to do. Telling your audience how you started the brand and established it is good storytelling to the audience. This brings authenticity and connection. 

Be thoughtful and think like a common man reading the posts on LinkedIn. Will you not like to read influencers’ take on world news, any X topic, or reaction videos? They are attention-grabbing and work best. 

3. Post Regularly 

Regularly posting reaction videos, stories, and brand talks can seem a little cringe initially. But future influencers, embrace the cringe! You are never going to regret it. Million people are sitting on the opposite side of the screen who cannot figure out what lighting to buy for their room. Which destination to choose for a 2 days vacation, and Which job to apply for? 

If you are someone who has expertise in any niche, then you are welcome to be a LinkedIn influencer. 

The biggest influencer switches millions of followers is making money per post by just writing their valuable information out there. Then why not you? 

4. Engage with as Many People as Possible 

Engaging doesn’t only mean posting relevant content on LinkedIn. It also means being vigilant about what your audience comments on your posts. Getting involved in the comments section of your post is the best way to show how much your audience matters to you. 

Get to know the people who are following you and keep yourself in their shoes. Reposts of content creators from your niche are a way of promoting mutual brand growth. So network doesn’t always mean paid collaborations. It involves several niches. 

5. Widen your Niche 

The day you start getting serious about LinkedIn and its marketing value, that is the day you can prosper.  You can be an expert in fashion but sticking to just one kind of subject under fashion limits your audience flow. Think big and better. You can do a lot more under it. Taking 3-5 niches diversified your content and doesn’t make it mundane. 

Take the help of good hashtags to reach a bigger scale in social media. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the ocean and embrace the influencer responsibilities with your little shoulders and experience. With time and proper help, you must be able to fetch a varied audience. 


It’s time to buckle up for your journey as a LinkedIn influencer. Start today and you will see your higher after some days. 

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