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Independence day 2022: Vavo digital Launches Khul Ke Jeena Campaign

Independence Day 2022: Vavo Digital Launches “Khul Ke Jeena” Campaign

In the last couple of years, India has seen a lot of conversations about patriotism. From those who questioned why young people aren’t more patriotic to the controversies around chanting Vande Mataram and the National Anthem, it seems like there are a variety of ways we can show our love for our country. But what does Independence Day mean to you? Is it just another holiday where you party with friends and family or is there something more? The answer is probably different for everyone and that’s what makes it such an important day in our calendar. After All Independence day is not just about India but also about being Indians.

Vavo Digital Launches A Digital Campaign On Independence Day

 Photo Credits: Himalayan Organics

After 75 years of independence, the meaning of freedom has drastically changed and we at Vavo Digital understand that every person has their own battles to fight, making independence very subjective. Realizing this, we decided to launch the #KhulKeJeena moment campaign to help persuade individuals to talk about their moment of liberation. 

To participate in the campaign all that needed to be done was simply share inspiring stories related to independence. People participated in a large number organically by posting their inspirational stories using the hashtag #KhulKeJeena. The reason it became successful was people shared their heart-winning stories which inspires others to learn.

The participants shared a number of inspiring stories some of which included: leaving an unhealthy, abusive relationship; having the freedom to make decisions without regard to societal pressures; speaking their minds without worrying about being judged; leading a healthy lifestyle, or traveling without restrictions.

Why The Campaign Was Done On LinkedIn?

More than 500 million people utilize LinkedIn, more than 60 million decision-makers, 90 million senior-level influencers, and 10 million C-suite professionals make up that audience. With the help of LinkedIn, one can engage highly skilled professionals, and decision-makers directly and increase brand awareness among important professional audiences.

We chose LinkedIn for this campaign because LinkedIn users are surrounded by professional content and news, hence we wanted to promote our campaign on LinkedIn so that it reaches out to the right audience and creates the right awareness regarding our campaign.

A lot of brands come up with innovative ideas for social media campaigns on Independence day every year, we have curated: Top 5 Independence Day Creatives By Brands That Stood Out”.


1. The campaign was launched and made available to users of LinkedIn. With the registration and involvement of about 100 participants, the campaign was a success.

2. Employees of Vavo Digital and renowned brands like Himalayan Organics came out and supported the #KhulKeJeenaCampaign.

3. A total of 177K+ impressions were generated during the campaign making the campaign efficacious.

Closing Note

Expressing her thoughts on the campaign, Founder & CEO of Vavo Digital Neha Puri said, “We are so glad to have launched this innovative and all-inclusive campaign that had varied participants ranging from our own employees to brands like Himalayan Organics, and individuals from all walks of life. Starting with me and speaking from my own experience, my #KhulkeJeena moment was me turning down the opportunity of studying at a top UK university and opting for our home-grown one in Delhi to pursue my degree.

This decision helped me build a strong foundation before I took off abroad for my higher studies. Sharing this might inspire some teenager who is contemplating about his/her education choices. The response to the campaign has encouraged us to establish more such initiations.”

Surely, the response has been thrilling and it really boosts our morale to initiate such amazing campaigns, we at Vavo Digital don’t believe in just doing influencer marketing but also augmenting the real meaning of “influence”.

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