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Linked in influencers to look forward to in 2022

LinkedIn Influencers: 5 effortless steps to build your LinkedIn profile

Influencer marketing has recently emerged as a powerful force in the social media sphere, as the majority of us are aware. To increase the use of paid advertisements, new algorithms have made unsponsored commercial content less visible than it was previously. But this isn’t the only benefit of working with a LinkedIn influencer. These individuals give the brands they represent an authentic voice, and they frequently have the power to sway members of LinkedIn-defining influential demographic.

LinkedIn is no more just a job search platform but is now a powerful marketing tool for marketers. LinkedIn influencer Marketing has evolved from a one-way communication channel between businesses and consumers to a two-way communication channel between businesses and consumers.


Ah, the age-old question. What makes an individual qualified enough to be an influencer?

We can say an influencer is a person who inspires or guides the actions of others. Loved by thousands of similar kinds, an influencer is an enhanced version of a motivational speaker. Some share their inspiring life stories and garner thousands of likes whereas some use their humour to entertain the general population. To produce worthwhile content, post consistently, and develop deep connections with your audience, takes a lot of time. Influencers have to continually build their skills to stay up to date with the latest trends.


A LinkedIn influencer is a certified well-advised business enthusiast. They help the larger masses of LinkedIn get linked to success. Similar to any other platform, these are individuals who have experience in their field OR are those who have built skills and shared their experiences through the process  LinkedIn influencer marketing stimulates the growth of the product through various paid campaigns and brand promotion strategies.

LinkedIn has its influencer program.

It is worth noting that LinkedIn has its own invite-only LinkedIn Influencer programme. This programme allows major thought leaders to speak about what is important to them. However, rather than being a form of self-promotion, the LinkedIn influencer programme is intended to help others become better professionals. The idea is to allow ordinary people to learn from industry’s “masters.”

The LinkedIn programme is limited to 500 people, so unless you are a household name like Richard Branson or are extremely famous in your industry like Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite, it will be difficult to be accepted. This means that the majority of LinkedIn influencers grow their following through their efforts to produce high-quality content.


  1. Vedika Bhaia– Founder of a social media and content marketing firm, The Fourth Square, Vedika understands what it takes to leverage personal branding in unusual and creative ways to grow businesses.
  1. Neha K Puri– A multi-startup visionary and Founder & CEO of Vavo Digital, Neha talks about influencer marketing, entrepreneurship, and business on her LinkedIn through which she inspires a large no. of masses.
  1. Debjani GhoshA veteran of the technology industry, she is the fifth president of NASSCOM and the first woman at the helm in three-decade history. She talks about culture, digital transformation, future of work on her LinkedIn
  1. Lakshmi Devan– In her unique style, she speaks extensively about mental health, workplace culture, marketing, and content. She is not afraid to share personal stories or to hide behind a professional mask, and she stands out for keeping things very real and human.
  1. Masoom Minawala–  She is an entrepreneur, global influencer and digital content creator. To inspire women to tap into their entrepreneurial skills, She has now founded Empowher to uplift women who want to take a step ahead as an entrepreneur.
  1. Unnati Bagga– A LinkedIn organic growth expert, and personal branding consultant who talks about startups, copywriting, marketing and social media marketing.
  1. Tanya Khanijow- A full-time travel content creator, and solo traveller who left her corporate job to pursue her passion and is now treating her audience with ecstatic content.


Building a page from scratch could be a stressful task. Not to mention the rollercoaster of emotions it brings with itself. Fear, anticipation, acceptance, patience; everything all at once!

Want to know the secret to boost your page? Follow these five steps to leverage your professional knowledge and become someone well-known on LinkedIn:

  1. Defining your brand- On LinkedIn, a personal brand is how people perceive you, the type of content you create, and how you position yourself. A personal brand is also what distinguishes you. In a nutshell, what makes you, you
  1. Know your kin before you post on LinkedIn: Knowing what type of people your post attracts is essential. It helps in getting an insight on how to grow your page further. Moreover, observing the audience can give you what type of content suits you the best.
  1. Keep up with the LinkedIn algorithm- LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritises relevancy over recency. Its goal is to show users content that is relevant to them before more recent posts. For example, we had seen earlier how polls worked magnificently on LinkedIn whereas now single-liners with images work well. So, it’s important to keep up with the LinkedIn algorithm because regardless of your Connection count, your posts have the potential to reach a much larger audience, generating thousands of views, likes, and comments.
  1. Opinions on controversial\ trendy topics: Express yourself. Don’t be afraid. Give your take on something trendy and increase your engagement. Don’t forget to make use of relevant hashtags to increase your reach. Maintain consistency of your posting, post regularly.
  1. Mention top influencers to improve your reach: A book you read that you liked? Write a review and tag the author! A business tycoon who inspires you? Write all the reasons why and order them! Comment on big influencers’ posts, interact with them and try to establish a connection with them. This will help your page gather more attention and also aid the audience to know you better.

Becoming a well-known influencer would be a lot of work. And sure, it will require most of your time and commitment. But knowing the secret on how to dominate LinkedIn is already one giant step forward to success! Well, go ahead, open up your accounts and construct your road to accomplishment.

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