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Mom Influencers

Top 8 Mom Influencers On Instagram In India

Mothers are the reason for our existence! These are superhumans inspiring us every day. Mothers have always been multi-taskers and givers. They handle the kitchen, their kids, and a business as well. Can you believe almost 4.2 million mom influencers are proceeding with this career flawlessly in India?

 All in all, there is nothing that mothers cannot handle. To all the new mothers out there, here you will find 8 mom influencers on Instagram in India whose stories are going to motivate you to enjoy this new phase of your life to the fullest! 

1. Garima Bansal (@mommylilworld) 106k followers

Garima Bansal is one of the top-rated mom influencers on Instagram. With her dedication to her career, she has been successful to grow a decent amount of followers on the platform.

 Also, Garima has secured her place in the top 100 most influential women in India. She juggles many balls like vlogging and content creation. Garima is always happy to work for different brands as well. 

2. House of Misu (@houseofmisu) 460K followers

Mitali and Summiyya are the owners of this amazing mommies-oriented Instagram page. Not to forget, these ladies are style influencers as well. They are successfully combining the worlds of fashion and motherhood in a remarkable way through their platform. 

3. Ami Desai (@amidesai) 201k followers

Ami is another inspiring mommy on our list. She takes great pride in showcasing her love for beauty, fashion, and style besides being a mother. Several mothers relate to Ami’s content on Instagram. 

She inspires us to multitask like a pro as well. She is an expert makeup artist who enjoys her motherhood every day and shares her glimpses on social media.

4. Shraddha Singh (@shrads) 1.2m followers

Shraddha Singh is another first-rate mom influencer on Instagram. She has a long list of campaigns that she has worked with. Also, her daughter is adorable and’s name is Kiana (aka kiki). She religiously manages her social media which is packed with mini-vlogs and daily posts on Motherhood. 

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5. Smriti Khanna (@smriti_khanna) 1.2m followers

Smriti is another flawless mom influencer to talk about. She has a decent follower base that enjoys her mom-oriented content. Her daughter, Anayka is adorable and is the center of the world for her mother. She blends fashion with motherhood that is no less stunning to see. 

6. Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor) 578k followers

Roshni is a famous mother on Instagram due to her sense of fashion and styling. Different brands have collaborated with Roshni to leverage her skills through amazing collaborations. 

She is an amazing mother to a teenage son. She keeps experimenting with different outfits. Also, Roshni will keep you updated on the latest fashion trends if you follow her on Instagram!

7. Mili Jhaveri (@biologicalmom) 163k followers

Mili is among the top Indian parenting influencers on Instagram and produces marvelous content based on it. She has two lovely kids Aariv and Alyza who are always a part of their mother’s stories. Mili also shares tips intermittently regarding postpartum, weight gain, pregnancy issues, and other female health problems. 

8. Parul Kakkad (@mumbaimummy) 36.4k followers

Parul is the Mumbai mommy and you will get an idea of it from her Instagram. She has adorable four kids. She deeply observes motherhood and shares useful and informative snippets of it for new mommies through her content. She keeps her kids busy in outdoor playful activities. She is a successful businesswoman as well. 

To Recapitulate

Mothers are wonderful creatures and their magic knows no limits. If you are a new mom, you might be unknown of so many of its perks. So worry, not! Since we give you the top 8 mom influencers on Instagram in India to get inspired from!
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