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Nutrition Influencers

Top 10 Nutrition Influencers In India

Who does not want to be Nutri-conscious these days? Since the pandemic hit us, we all have been well-versed in the significance of proper nutrition. You cannot ignore it! Nutrition is a fundamental block of a healthy life.

If you are on proper nutrition, no setback can cross your way. However, you need a complete pipeline to attain your best nutritional strategy. Or what if you follow seasoned nutritionists in this aspect?

Sounds interesting, right? Oh wait, how can you find the top upcoming Indian nutrition experts? A piece of cake!!! We are going to share with you the top 10 nutrition influencers right in this post.

Ready to explore these Top 10 Nutrition Influencers In India, let’s get straight into it:

1. Pooja Makhija

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A post shared by Pooja Makhija (@poojamakhija)

Pooja Makhija has perfected the art of the Instagram reel, so in as little as 60 seconds, you can learn a lot about living a healthier lifestyle. Why do seeds cycle? How can you make your memory stronger? Are microwaves a cancer risk? Her fast recipes for paprika salmon, protein pasta, and low-carb pizzas are a plus. Everything is handed to you right on a platter.

2. Anjali Mukerjee

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A post shared by Anjali Mukerjee (@anjalimukerjee)

In 1997, Anjali Mukherjee launched her health start-up called Health Total. She is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner and alumna of the American Academy of Nutrition and has won several honours for her noteworthy contributions to the nutrition industry. Her team has particular expertise in developing well-thought-out diet regimens that focus on illnesses including obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, PCOS, and hypertension.

3. Kripa Jalan

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A post shared by Kripa | Non-Diet Nutritionist (@kripajalan)

Kripa Jalan isn’t your typical nutritionist; She founded Burgers to Beasts and holds an MPH (Master of Public Health) in Nutrition from Harvard University. Her succinct observations on Instagram span from five reasons you could be feeling bloated to foods that might improve your energy to what to do if you overate over the weekend to her deep interest in the psychology of eating, dieting, and bingeing.

4. Rujuta Diwekar

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A post shared by Rujuta Diwekar (@rujuta.diwekar)

She greatly advocates following a robust lifestyle to stay healthy and specialises in sports science and nutrition. Rujuta has used these domains to support millions of people to stay active and fit. She is on a mission to make people familiar with healthy food choices. A certified Yoga expert, Rutuja thinks that one should use common sense rather than mindlessly relying on fad diets to maintain good health. She has garnered several honours and prizes for her remarkable work in sports nutrition throughout a career spanning more than 20 years.

5.Madhuri Ruia

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A post shared by fitriffic (@fitriffic)

Madhuri Ruia has over 20 years of nutritionist and fitness specialist expertise. She is also a recognised Pilates expert. As a certified Pilates instructor, Madhuri has the knowledge and expertise to advise her customers on their diet plans and provide advice on how to manage weight loss via healthy food and moderate activity.

Her area of expertise is creating customized exercise solutions while taking into account her clients’ demands and lifestyle choices.

Since Covid, the healthcare industry has grown significantly. As more people go to their Instagram feeds for trustworthy health data, the appeal of doctors as Instagram influencers has grown. Read: Top 7 doctor influencers to follow on Instagram for health updates

6. Abhinav Mahajan

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A post shared by Abhinav Mahajan (@abhinavfitness)

Abhinav can be your next favourite nutrition influencer!!! If we say it, we mean it!!! Abhinav is a remarkable blogger and nutrition expert. Abhinav’s skills include bodybuilding, personal training, and making you fall in love with a healthy life. His recommendations are for all age groups. His motto is easy, fun, and healthy!!!

7. Ryan Fernando

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A post shared by Ryan Fernando (@ryan_nutrition_coach)

Ryan Fernando is a well-known sports nutritionist with an endless list of A-list athletes and celebrities associated with him and an immeasurable number of honours to his credit. He built a network of clinics called Qua Nutrition, home to more than 50 qualified dieticians, to provide everyone with scientifically designed meals.

8. Minacshi

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A post shared by Minacshi • Nutritionist (MS) & Wellbeing consultant (@nutritionist.minacshi)

Minacshi is a nutritionist by profession; she has more than 13k followers on her Instagram profile, which is full of good advice. You may follow her page if you want to add goodness to your regular eating routine; we appreciated how inventive she was in helping her fans realise the advantages of consuming organic food. You may ask her if you need it because she is also a food and menu expert.

9. Yasmin Karachiwala

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A post shared by Yasmin Karachiwala | Celebrity Fitness Instructor (@yasminkarachiwala)

Are you one of those people who love to do indoor exercise? Then Yasmin would be your sidekick in your journey. She is among the most-followed Pilate gurus in India. You can take full advantage of her fitness-based content on her social media platforms. Burning calories has never been easier with Yasmin!!!

10. Namrata Purohit

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A post shared by HELLO! India (@hellomagindia)

Namrata Purohit, another well-known Pilate teacher, teaches some well-known Bollywood stars. She maintains an active Instagram account with lots of fitness inspiration. Purohit is an authority on her techniques and a trustworthy source of #fitspo. She holds the distinction of being the youngest person to hold a certified Stott Pilates instructor title.


In addition to the nutrition mentioned above influencers, there are tens of thousands of dietitians. You could work with well-known influencers to creatively advertise your health and fitness products. Nowadays, most health and wellness brands utilize influencers to engage with their target customers.

These influencers are highly known for their extraordinary storytelling skills; they have a lot of effect on consumers’ views towards their final purchase decision. Working with these influencers may be beneficial for your company.

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