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Parenting Influencers

Top 8 Parenting Influencers On Instagram In India

Parenting is a beautiful phase of life and it needs to be done the right way. If you are a new parent, you need to follow a path that rules out all the problems in parenting. We are bringing you the top 8 parenting influencers On Instagram in India so that you can learn from their knacks of parenting. 

It’s your call to collaborate with these influencers today if you own a parent or a child-relevant brand. Ready to know these parenting influencers? Let’s get started! 

  1. Anupriya Kapoor

She is a robust parent who loves to showcase her parenting life on Instagram. Two words fully describe Anupriya which are active and fit.

 She is a health-conscious mom who does not compromise her health so that she can spend more and more time with her boy. If you need to follow fitness tips and crack the code of good parenting, following Anupriya will greatly help! 

  1. Riddhi Deorah  

She can be your motivation in terms of learning good parenting since she is a certified person in this domain. She has been able to secure a soft spot in the hearts of many moms in India through her consistent content. 

She owns “Easy Parenting Hub” which aims for training new parents for this chapter of their lives. Her tips, recommendations, and training are for new mothers that have helped them learn the do’s and don’ts of parenting on a much deeper level. 

  1. House Of Misu

Mitali and Saummya own House Of Misu. Mitali is a keen learner regarding parenting and shares her learnings on Instagram. Her motherhood journey is inspiring for all the mothers out there as well. 

Her kid also does not remain behind being a content creator and owns a dedicated Instagram page where their fun videos just melt our hearts! She is one of our most appreciable mom influencers out there! 

  1. Chhavi Mittal

We Chavvi Mittal who is a flagship parenting influencer and stay true to her role 24/7. She is a beautiful mom whose content is a source of knowledge and education for new mothers in India. 

She has won a decent amount of followers on her social media platforms which is impressive to see. Chhavi loves her kids and produces relatable content about them for the mothers. Intriguing enough to dive into this mom influencer’s content and transform your parenting life into a brand new one? 

  1. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Saru knows how to strike a perfect balance between fashion and parenting. Her Instagram is all about switching between parenting and embracing the latest fashion trends. 

As you will scour through her profile, you will realize that she successfully melds the two domains for her audience. Saru always states “Because you are more than just a mom!” and we see it becoming a life-changing statement for new mothers. 

  1. Shraddha Singh

Now this mom is a pedant writer who loves to convey her thoughts on parenting and motherhood through pensive waiting. Not only she uses writing to share her thoughts, but she is also a content creator mommy on Instagram too. 

She owns a Youtube channel to maximize her content creation efforts to help more mothers with their parenting problems and queries. 

  1. Teejay Sidhu (781K Followers) 

Know “Twin Baby Diaries”? Well, yes you got it right! Teejay is the mother of beautiful twins named Vienna and Bella. She successfully manages her professional life, parenting, and content creation. 

No wonder only a mother is witty and powerful enough to juggle so many balls all the time! Her babies are beautiful and help her make fun content as well. She is one of the top parenting influencers on Instagram in India due to her efforts in being a problem-solver for so many mothers. 

  1. Shivangi Goel (156K Followers)

Our Shivangi is a Pilates trainer and a full-time mother. You never go wrong in following her for the fitness tips and benefits of Pilates. Plus, if you are struggling with parenting blockades, Shivangi’s Instagram will help you get of it successfully. 

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Rounding Up

Parenting influencers have now become an important part of our society. From addressing complications of pregnancy to the perks of motherhood, and solving everyday parenting problems, these influencers are sharing valuable content with our audience. An absolute kudos to these moms who have so much to manage and never complain about it. 
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