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Top 10 Indian Sports Influencers You Should Know About

In today’s athletics culture, influencers have become a significant source of entertainment and inspiration for many people around the world. India is no exception, with an ever-growing list of popular sports influencers. From cricketers to Kabaddi players and athletes, these Indian games influencers have been able to showcase their sporting talents as well as inspire people to stay fit and active. In India, many influencers have made a name for themselves in their respective fields and have become role models for aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Here are the top 10 Indian sports influencers you should know about.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is one of the most celebrated cricket players in India, and for the right reasons. He is the current captain of the Indian cricket team and holds the record for most runs in international cricket. 

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2. Satnam Singh Bhamara

Satnam Singh Bhamara is another shining example of the power of dedication and hard work in the sporting world. He is the first Indian to be drafted in the NBA and has since become a beacon of hope for young athletes who dream of making it big on the world stage. 

The story of Satnam Singh Bhamara is an inspiring one that gives us hope and reassurance that, with enough commitment and focus, we too can reach our goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. On his Instagram account, he frequently posts photos and videos of himself working out and practicing hard with his team, as well as motivational quotes to inspire others who are pursuing their dreams.

3. Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta is a well-known Indian athlete, fitness instructor, and social media influencer. Today, she is an inspiration for many young athletes who are passionate about the games they love and have dreams of competing at the highest levels.

Her preparation for competing has been intense and focused, and her commitment to her sport has helped her become an elite athlete. Her videos and photos on Instagram show her training routines and competition highlights in hopes of inspiring others. She is now a real influencer and a role model for women. Want to be in shape for summer? Utilize her reels and quick videos during your workouts.

4. Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra is an Olympic champion in the javelin throw. He is an exceptional example of someone who has achieved success through dedication and perseverance. He has been awarded the Arjun Award, the Param Vishisht Seva Medal, and the Padma Shri. 

He has also been named the “Most Valuable Player” of Indian sports by the Sports India Show Award for his remarkable achievements in the field of athletics. Campaigns have been launched to spread awareness of his successes, to encourage more young people to take up games and follow in his footsteps. 

Chopra always posts on Instagram to showcase his training and competition preparations, and to provide insights and motivation to his followers. He also uses his platform to engage with fans and share glimpses of his personal life outside of sports

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or MS Dhoni, is one of India’s most successful sportsmen and is best known for his work as a former Indian cricket team captain. He is also known as the “cool captain” because of his calm demeanour and ability to maintain composure under pressure.

On Instagram, he shares behind-the-scenes glimpses from his life as a captain and motivates his followers with inspiring quotes. His followers love him for his unwavering leadership skills and his positive influence on the team. Some of his famous Instagram posts include pictures of him leading the team to victory, his pre-game rituals, and him interacting with fans. He is a true inspiration to many aspiring athletes and has amassed a large following on social media.

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6.KL Rahul

KL Rahul is a well-respected cricketer and captain who has achieved great success throughout his career. In his short time with the Indian Cricket Team, KL Rahul has established himself as one of the best captains in international cricket and has made a positive impression on the game.

In recognition of his success and leadership, KL Rahul has been the focus of many initiatives designed to recognize his accomplishments and serve as an inspiration for young people who aspire to reach similar heights of excellence. And on his Instagram account, he regularly posts updates about his life and work, sharing photos and stories with his followers.

7. Mary Kom

Mary Kom is an iconic figure in Indian athletics, having become the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal in boxing. Her story is a source of inspiration for many, as she has risen to the top of her field despite coming from a humble background and enduring difficult obstacles along the way. 

Her Instagram account posts influences millions of people worldwide, as she shares her journey and provides practical tips on how to overcome challenges and achieve success. Many of her followers have commented on how her positivity and perseverance have allowed them to see new possibilities in their own lives. Her impact on social media is a testament to the power of authenticity and hard work.

8.Geeta Phogat

Geeta Phogat is another prominent female athlete from India who has become an inspiration to many, having been the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in wrestling at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. As one of the few female wrestlers in India, Geeta Phogat has shown immense resilience and determination in her efforts to break stereotypes about women’s athletics and to become a successful athlete in her field because “ye chhori kisi chhore se kam nahi hai” (this girl is no less than any boy). 

Geeta regularly updates her Instagram with pictures and videos of her training sessions and competitions, inspiring her followers to stay dedicated towards their goals. She also uses her platform to raise awareness about women’s wrestling and encourage young girls to take up the sport.

9. Rani Rampal

Rani Rampal is another Indian sportswoman who has made a name for herself in the world of field hockey. Rani Rampal hails from the small village of Shahbad in Haryana and started playing hockey at the tender age of 15. 

She has gone on to become the captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey team and is widely regarded as one of the greatest female hockey players in India. Rani Rampal’s commitment to her team and her dedication to the sport of field hockey are truly remarkable accomplishments. 

Her Instagram page serves as a constant source of inspiration for her fans, where she posts encouraging words and photos from her games. In addition to inspiring young female hockey players, Rani Rampal is a role model for women everywhere who aspire to make their mark on the world.

10. Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal, another highly accomplished athlete, is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal in badminton and the first Indian to win a medal at the Badminton World Championships. She has also won numerous international titles and is the only Indian to have reached the number-one ranking in world badminton. 

By demonstrating excellence and sheer determination, Saina Nehwal has become a role model for young girls in India. On her Instagram, Nehwal encourages people to pursue their dreams and reach their goals, no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Despite the many accolades, Nehwal continues to stay humble and inspire millions of aspiring sportswomen.


From these top 10 sports enthusiasts in India, it is clear that the country has some of the most inspiring and talented athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have made their mark in the field of games and are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. They range from Olympians to cricket stars to fitness fanatics and more, and they have helped to put India on the map as a major hub for games excellence around the world. Their influence is felt all over the nation, motivating people to strive for their dreams and encouraging everyone to stay active and healthy. Through their successes and their passionate commitment to championship, these ten individuals have set a powerful example for India’s youth and served as a reminder of how far hard work and dedication can take you.

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